Thursday, September 02, 2004

Bye-Bye Trees

Wow. What a great week my brain picked to just go haywire on me. I am almost out of meds, am sure that the postal service wont deliver them in time, and a GIANT fucking slowmoving hurricane is bearing down on the east coast of Florida. At least I am not in a storm surge area. I took a walk around today and started saying bye to my favorite trees. There is a huge one in the middle of my driveway that will probably crush my insured home. I like that tree a lot, not to mention the home. I feel like a doomsayer but I really am scared. I was here for Andrew, not even close to the worst of it, and it was damn scary. I remember I was holding my first cat - Georgie - on my lap and on top of a pillow. With all the wind howling, people crying and glass breaking he peed on top of the pillow. I just realized there is a damn good chance that my husky Jackson will howl with the wind - all I have to do is look at him w/ my mouth in a howling shape and he howls back :-). That would be funny, howling hurricane w/ husky howling in harmony and cats absolutely fricking terrified - that's the not so funny part.
Oh yeah - this storm (name?) is even stronger than Andrew. It looks like a much wetter storm also. I feel the panic and helplessness rising inside my chest, but I know, now more than ever, that I have to overcome it. I cant break down and worry my parents anymore. They have enough to worry about. They just bought (well like over a year ago) a beautiful house aprox 1 block from the ocean THAT IS ALL WINDOWS. After a year of renovation, the furniture is coming TODAY. Great timing. We are better off than most. We have a warehouse to store all our cars and others needy pets if anyone out there doesn't have any other options - please e-mail me and I see what I can do.
I moved some patio furniture inside after I felt the beginnings of an attack approach. That helped - shut the brain down and do something productive. Soo many more flying projectile objects that need to be indoors. God I hope this thing just turns around into the ocean from where it came. Don't think its going to happen though. As much as I don't want to get hit, I don't want any other part of the state to go through this hell. 400 miles wide, moving at 14-17 mph. How long will it take to pass? While it killed a holiday weekend, it also made it longer b/c we have Friday off to board up all the families houses and I also offered our services to some elderly neighbors. No one that I have spoken to in Grove is evacutating though we are east of US-1. My parents are making me. I would rather be here but I have learned that my mom don't care what I think.
Its only stuff, and I am a horrible pack rat, so it would be a blessing in disguise if all my stuff flew away (especially the couch that stinks like dog). Everyone out there, wish us luck in Florida and please send H2O and batteries to whatever part of the state get hit first.
For better (much) info about this storm visit Bark-Bark Woof-Woof. He is much more up to date on all of this than I am.

Good luck to all of us.

"Saving one animal won't change the world, but it will change the world for that one animal."