Tuesday, February 26, 2008

electricity is good

its a nice thing. It really sucks when you don't have it. So most of Florida is kinda fucked. As usual, I have power in my glass fortress. Oddly, yesterday the elevators were not working for 20 minutes...which killed me b/c I was, as usual, running late for my $250/hr non-refundable if I miss it psychotherapy appt. Apparently my parents are not falling for my argument that everyone would be better off if I were "gone" and are trying to get me serious help. Also neat - most people can talk about something and stay on topic. Dr. Dude noticed that and it seemed to be a good thing that I am aware of it, though I cannot really help it.
As I was leaving the Dr. office I noticed traffic was there - like always. But the lights were not working. And McDonald's only took cash... Then I realized that all the lights on US1 were not working - this is a 6 lane major road.

OOHH, they are telling Tampa/Orlando 10 hours for power, but have been telling us 2 hours for an hour... "They" say there was no terrorism involved but The Turkey Point Nuclear Facility has been shut down. That shit gives me goosebumps. It tripped off at 1:09 b/c of lack of power. I dont see how we can have power in 2 hours if it involves restarting a nuclear power plant.
Damn, I just heard that cellphone and email stuff is not working either. Ahhh, traffic lights are now working :) This must have gone down right after I left the Dr. office. The office and my parents house both lost power and regained it w/in a half hour.
Driving home reminded me of driving after hurricane Andrew. The looks of confusion were there, but the lights, though not working, were also still above ground and there were no trees to navigate around. So yeah - JUST like after Hurricane Andrew.
Dude, Disney has no power...have they not heard of generators?? I bet that anyone in Disney World has no idea that power is out, b/c Disney is run oh so very smoothly. They must have super giant, super quiet generators - the news is just informing us that Disney has no juice.
I did not see planes circling over MIA so I thought that was cool, but there have been many departure delays. Also Miami is in a heat wave now. I cant help but laugh - heat wave in February. Many fire trucks just passed by... Hit 90 today and is now 85 and if it wasn't so damn windy I would be at the beach but hey...

But still, this "Florida is losing power" shit is kinda freaking me out. I feel like I drank a giant coffee. The best was when I was driving home a crackhead/panhandler started directing traffic. If only he has a bucket then, I would totally have given him money. Now that I really think about it, he was way too clean to be a homeless crackhead. Hmm...Some Sunpasses are not working...Sucks for the transit authority.

3,000,000 people across the southern end of the state are out. Weird. No one really knows why... That is the weird part. We don't know if Turkey Point was shut down or if it shut itself down. Something tells me we will never know.

Ok, so I am tired of hearing about people not having power and being stuck in elevators and very thankful that I am not one of those.

GRRRR - I just got a big red ERROR line on top of my screen. Blogger better not be based in fl.

So something happened, no one really knows what, but we are in no danger from the reactor and will have power by 6. That would be nice for Florida.

Thursday, February 07, 2008


who is this new pilot who was supposed to be flying guy?

I saw a psychotherapist today and I actually like him. Quite unusual, but I felt a good vibe. It's kinda (reallllllllly) sad that I justify paying $300 to see a therapist b/c at least I have to take a shower, get dressed, and get out of the house.

I have a boy who is my age moving in tomorrow. He is not rich...why cant i be attracted to rich guys? WHY does $$ seem to turn me off? Maybe those that actually have to work for a living are better. I think I just happen to have the good fortune(?) to be attracted to artists. And somehow artists just happen to be really (and I mean really) good in bed. But its all weird. It reminds me of Gene...living together for the wrong reasons. Except I dont work w/ Mike, and it will be only be the two of us, no 5 other roommates to diffuse the tension.

How did I get drunk so fast? Suddenly my eyes cannot focus. I amm druunnck.

Damn, I just saw a Pedigree commercial w/ the cutest puppy golden. I wanted him/her so much. "for every puppy adopted there is one one not adopted" killed me. drunk so just started crying and wanted THAT overlooked and all to adorable staged for TV puppy.

But dude, i got a husky and 3 cats. I am doing my part, and my parents are paying for most of their care.

Friday, February 01, 2008

better off without me


I am so sick of everyone worrying about me. So often I feel that if I were to just DO IT, there will be intense pain at first. But that has to fade, right? At least then they wont be constantly worried. They will know. But I cant hurt them that way. But I feel like a money drain and that I am just breathing air, that someone deserves more than I. Guess I am in feeling like a waste of a human being mood.