Friday, December 28, 2007

guess its time to return here

I have been elsewhere, writing totally under the radar. I guess its time to think about those new years resolutions...

1. QUIT SMOKING - I feel pretty positive about this

2. STOP BEING SO DAMN DEPRESSED ALL THE TIME!!!! pretty much...forgot...positive thinking??

3. GET OUT OF THE HOUSE MORE - I pretty much only get out to walk Jackson

4. TRY A NEW MEDICINE REGIMEN - as this one really is not working

5. SEE A THERAPIST - I hate my life and need to do something about it.

6. CLEAN THE APARTMENT - it so needs it!!!!!

7. FIX MY DOGS SKIN RASH - i feel so bad for him and like such a horrible mother

8. SEE MY FRIENDS MORE OFTEN - many people like me for some reason or another. guess cuz i am nice an sweet ;>

9. TAKE JACKSON TO THE DOG PARK MORE OFTEN - the poor guy deserves it. i just suck :[

10. FUCKING LOOK ON THE BRIGHT SIDE ONCE IN A WHILE....had a better one but i forgot sleep..