Thursday, December 14, 2006

rare, unusual, and really boring

Now what could be all those things at once? Hmmm.....

Just happened to me.

Just got out of an elevator.

That I had been in for and HOUR.

Great story, but not much to tell.

I got to use the emergency elevator phone! That was definitely a highlight.

Lowlight - had to wait and hour for the Otis guy to come rescue me from between floors; one of them was the 11th - he was pretty hot :) I have this thing for strong muscular redheads who aren't scared to grab my dogs and save me, even if it was just part of his job and he probably got mad overtime for it.

Greatest thing about the long boring ordeal - I had my doggies with me and it happened AFTER their walk - thank god :)

I am odd. Oh yes. I did lots of yoga. Anything I could think of that didn't involve me lying on the floor. That in itself is not odd. It was the stripping down naked to do it just for the camera in the ator. That's what I called it while I was stuck in the box, because it sure as fuck wasn't doing anything close to elevating. Had I had some cigs, I could have smoked them. Had some time. Read everything. Smoking is only forbidden in an OPERATING elevator. But alas, only dogs. The worst part is that I missed Betty la Fea AKA Ugly Betty - but it was a repeat so that wasn't even bad. Another thing I am thankful for is that I was alone and didn't have to deal w/ anyone else's bullshit.

I tried to find just how many people get stuck in boxes, because as I am now a member of an elite club, I want to know just how elite it is. They all could be telling me its rare so I keep my faith in elevators.

This is what I found:

"Incidents involving elevators and escalators kill about 30 and seriously injure about 17,100 people each year in the United States, according to data provided by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Injuries to people working on or near elevators, including those installing, repairing, and maintaining elevators, and working in or near elevator shafts– account for 14- 15 (almost half) of the deaths. The two major causes of death are falls and being caught in/between moving parts of elevators/escalators. Incidents where workers are in or on elevators or platforms that collapse, are struck by elevators or counterweights, or are electrocuted are also numerous."

Oh yeah, I don't know if you caught that, but I kept my clothes on :)

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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

best and most gentle natural asian exfoliating facial ever!

Alas, this supreme facial is not available to just everyone. I have been especially gifted. But more of that later.

First, I must apologize to fabulous Skippy Mom. She has tagged me TWICE :). My first tags. Lady got me in a special way. Sadly, I suck and have not been inspired to do them... But I really, really promise I will. And I have really been wanting to be tagged, but then it seems I am not entirely comfortable with the "you're it" part. I tend to freeze. On to massive cuteness overload!

here is my cosmotologist:

She is the best. A hottie, a great snuggler, and she likes dogs:

She is very thorough. Her rough teeny tongue gently licked my nose, chin, and forehead - all the trouble areas. Some of you might be like, oh my god, how gross! But it was the cutest, sweetest thing ever. It was an Asian facial b/c she is Siamese if you please. Though I have another "designer" pet, she was dropped off at my parents office because a friend of a relative of an employee found her and said employee brought her to work. My mom told to go pick her up! Now she wants her :( She has a bigger house, wide balcony rails where kitty can wander, and kitty can go outside. Mom lives in cul-de-sac in quiet small hood; I live in a condo. So I guess she has her reasons. But I love kitty so much. So Cute. So sweet.

Oh yeah - she was named Ling-Ling, but I just call her kitty. Might go back to ling-ling in a while..

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Monday, December 04, 2006

feeling better..

I was smelling the wonderfulness of my cashmere PJ's and I thought I would share a nice tip. Take your favorite essential oil, or a cheaper fragrance oil and put many drops on your dryer sheet. Rub the sheet around the dryer after it has run for about 10-15 min and you will have delicious smelling things. I also use it on my sheets. So nice - aromatherapy in bed.

Ending on a happy nice note :)

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what is it about mothers?

How can they get under your skin in just the perfect most painful way without even trying? After a 20 min call w/ my mom I have been crying for 1/2 hr. I just keep thinking that I should not be alive. My plans were thwarted, interrupted. I didn't want to be around to keep feeling like shit.

So I tried something new - cutting. Pretty sure most cutters don't start at 32, which leads me to believe that I am somewhat developmentally retarded. Didn't look for a razor. Just used a dirty chef knife. I couldn't cut myself. But I wanted to see my blood soooo badly - totally new feeling for me - I just started chopping. Still no blood. Just a swollen arm and neck. Why, why am I so damn stupid? I knew it was wrong, but I still did it. I know it carries a horrible stigma, but I still tried. I am vain - don't like scars - but still tried.

Boo-hoo me.

Sorry for the shit.

now YOUR turn - comment..... i understand that this is really difficult to leave a comment to w/o sounding trite, so dont feel guilty for keeping your silence. If you dont know, I am seeing a psychiatrist; in fact day after next. I dont feel I am recovering. Such the downward spiral.


I feel like such a childish idiot with a ton of welts on my arm that i might have to painfully explain. I cant believe it tried that. I have never understood "cutters" but damn I wanted to bleed and feel a different kind of pain - the kind that wont make me jump 25 floors, not that i ever think I could do it. Pills are more my things. Too bad I know which ones work now.... Its a power I should not have. I believe in the right to choose, whether you want to carry a child, or just choose not to continue living. Not many people agree w/ me on the latter. But its MY life. Why cant I do what I want to it? Guess I dont think victimless crimes should exist. Dont worry. Will be around for a while. Feels good to let it all out, even though I am scared that the few people who read will think me a gigantic freak. But they probably wont.