Friday, January 30, 2004

Save Trees, Cut Down Bushes

This site rocks. You really should check it out. Sorry about my lack of IT abilities.

I tried posting the site the normal way, but guess what? It doesnt seem to be working - so here it is the old fashioned way. You must copy and paste but it is worth it:

If there is still nothing above:
go to ericblumrich dot com and look around - lots of cool anti-Bush sentiments abound!

Hopefully one of these will work out....

Visit it, explore it, it is worth it.

Today is FH's b-day and I feel like shit. Really bad cramps. I want to take him out to a romantic dinner but romantic usually means expensive and the wedding is sucking up all my money. Also, the tummy ache has taken away my appetite - maybe not such a bad thing huh?

On the note of skinny-

We were looking through my old high school yearbook (class of 92) and he noticed that all the cheerleaders had meat on their bones. At his school (class of 99) they were ALL anorexic.

What has happened to our society?

Fuck you Kate Moss and your damn "It's so cool to look like a junkie look".

Girls everywhere are now suffering from eating disorders and it is society's fault, well mostly fashion magazines.


The times they are a'changing.

Hopefully the Marilyn Monroe look will come back instead of the Claudia Shiffer look. I, myself aspire to the Jackie O look, but w/ a few extra pounds.

Damn, I love those 50's and 60's classic dresses!

At least I already have a present for him!

BTW - Blogger spell check SUCKS! It doesn't even recognize "Blogger" as a word. How very fucking sad.

Thursday, January 29, 2004



What is the point of spending your whole day at work to buy stuff that you never have time to enjoy because you are always at work.

That is how I feel about FH. He is always working - but for what?

Money? You really don't need that much of it to have a good life.

I used to be a waitress. I lived in Richmond, VA and would always go to the Blue Ridge Mtns b/c I only worked 4 days one week and 5 days the next. But I had my days off. I miss those days.

Now I work for the family business. I live in a $300,000 townhouse and I drive a purple (fav color) convertible Mercedes.

OOOHH, AAHHH....Do these things make me happy?


I want my life back. I hate the petty details of my job. I want the freedom to pick my own schedule.

I can move to Montana, West Virginia - they have cheap land.

I could get a stress free job - I give damn good massages but am somewhat scared of fat old men. I hope that doesn't make me a bad person.

I read in Playboy that Darryl Hannah lives off the grid. She grows her own vegetables, has 100% solar power, has many acres that she can run around naked in.


I am so jealous of her. I wonder if I have a jealousy problem. It sometimes seems like other peoples lives are better than mine.

On the outside mine looks great, but I guess it is getting better on the inside.

I, female - 29 1/2, am getting married in 30 days and am terrified of losing my independence.

My fiance -male - almost 24 isn't scared at all - or so he says.

I think it is easier when you are younger. You don't know all that is out there (not that I do, but I do know more than him). Things are more black and white when you are younger. You have yet to experience the horrible pitfalls life will throw at you. You are more optimistic (at least he is).

I used to be a glass is half full kinda person, now I am a let me see the glass and then we talk kinda person.

its like I trust nothing.

I hate to think it is b/c of what happened 11 years ago. What kind of sorry ass loser would that make me?

I sometimes feel dead inside. Other times, I feel horribly angry and don't want anyone near me - NOBODY

I hate that side of my self.

its like I am only happy when I am on vacation.

That brought a smile to my face. In a month I will be on my way to Amsterdam, Paris, and who knows where else!! I CANT FUCKING WAIT!!!!


I feel incredible guilt when I take time off from my job. Is that common?

My new mantra (at times) is "I don't care, whatever works for you is fine". It feels damn good when I believe it. This attitude has to be applied when planning a large wedding in conjunction w/ a mother that you never really got along w/ in the first place.

Mantra is the band playing at the wedding. They are awesome. FH(future husband) and I first heard them emanating from the library. We were on our way to the museum, but heard this great jazz. We had to find the source. We were not disappointed.

A few months later we went to a march against crime and drugs (crack and cocaine - I fully support Marijuana) and they were the band playing at the rally after. How odd, we never go out to hear music - very bad on our parts I know - but we randomly hear the best band ever twice?

Right then we decided that they HAD to play the wedding.

Price was right, and so they are!

I guess that is what $ is good for.

I sound like such a spoiled brat, but I really am not - I swear.

I lived in the ghetto and loved it. I had a dog - MISHA - and people in that hood were scared of her. No joke - one night around 4am I was walking her after work and 4 guys crossed the street to avoid US! I am 5'1" and they were all like 6' or over. It was sooo funny.

Damn, I still miss that sweet dog.

if only you could see her angelic yet devilish face.

All except for small prey loved her.

Its late again, must go home and address the rest of the invites.

I like this getting shit off my chest thing.

Kinda scary to put myself out there, but it feels good.

I got my first comment (thanks IA) and it felt much better than I thought it would.

I even would like or love criticism - only if valid though. Tell me I am full of BS and to get over myself. It sounds better coming from strangers.


Saturday, January 24, 2004

Yes, it is Saturday, and I am at work. I felt sick yesterday and left early (6:00).

So now I have to do what I should have done yesterday.

In addition to beading my shoes, sewing my awesome chiffon veil, and a zillion other things.

Still have to address and send out invites to the wedding.

Still have to an SED.

Still have to go to the airport.

Still have to clean every inch of my house.

Still need to find a maid.


Wednesday, January 21, 2004

No Car Stereo

I had this little button loose on my car stereo. The car was going in for a tune-up, to figure out what the hell was making it vibrate so much, and well basically - the works.

Well, I wanted to put a picture of my car here but just found out that blogger does not support this.

I cant support that.

I have been thinking about giving movable type a try.

I guess it is about time.

Ohh.. About my radio.

Now one little loose button that I rarely use is the problem but for some reason they have to keep it for 3 WEEKS!


So, I have been singing to myself. Mostly about the hole in the dash where the music used to come out of.

When I was writing "singing" I accidentally wrote "stinking" - pretty appropriate I think.

Hopefully w/ practice I will get better, but I wont hold my breath.

Monday, January 19, 2004



I am trying to add the ability for those not reading yet to add comments.

I feel like an idiot b/c I simply seem unable to get it right.

It might have something to do w/ the error things that keep popping up every time I try to republish, but I DONT CARE!! I just want to get this done and feel like I know something about computers, b/c right now I don't feel that way. I cant even link my e-mail address on here.

I need help.

On a brighter note (I need more of these)

I did order the bridesmaids dress - except for one which I must do right now!!! Ok - I am hold. Only one more dress to go! Ok - just got off the phone. She said she was going to see if they could add that last extra dress....

what the fuck does she mean by "see if they have it"???

Yesterday she said it was no problem!!

This is my wedding - my first and only!!

I guess it is my fault for procrastinating so much....Oh well...hope it all works out.

Actually, I am sure it will.

At first I was just going to have some good very old friends to be in the bridal party, but less than 2 months before, I decided to invite new friends that I really hope to become closer too. I think it was a great idea. They seem really psyched to be bridesmaids even though it involves buying a dress that you would never wear elsewhere.

It is a pretty one though, and damn cheap for a bridesmaid dress. If I had it my way, I would make them all, but I have accepted that I do not have that kind of spare time in my life....

Hopefully by the time of the wedding I will know how to post pictures and do so!

Thursday, January 15, 2004

The Story of the Misha

I work too much but I am going to the museum today to drink my monthly martini and see the band that will play at my wedding! I haven't seen them play in a very long time and am way psyched about this.

Misha was my first dog. I loved her more than anything and she was killed by a car September of 2002. I named this after her because I still miss her so much. I want something of hers to go on (besides the dog hair I swear I still find on old clothes). As soon as I gain the knowledge I will post her picture. She was beautiful, and sweet, and just the fucking best damn dog ever. Stupid big white truck!!!

At least she died doing what she loved best - jumping a fence to chase a cat - she jumped about 5 fences through backyards before she made it to the street.

I will never forget that night. It was a Friday so I was zonked after a long week of work. I wanted to take a nap. She was sleeping w/ me. Our friends threw an impromptu b-day party for our neighbor Juan - he has a husky that looks like Misha named Ripple. My BF at the time came into the bedroom to see if I wanted to go. I said no - I was too tired.

He asked if he could take Misha along. I said yes because I knew they had a big back yard w/ a tall fence and their husky never escaped from it. Alas, I underestimated Misha's powers to escape. He said "Misha, wanna go for a walk!". She jumped off the bed and that was the last time I saw her alive.

Next thing I know I am waking up and Juan (B-day boy) was downstairs saying Misha had been hit by a car. I thought it was a bad joke to get me out of bed and to the party. If only. I started running downstairs and then realized I was naked. I put on what ever was lying around and went to the car where she was - dead. I knew it instantly but BF didn't want to believe it. He kept saying that she had a heart-beat, that she was licking him (it was just the car bouncing).

When we got to the vet ( I drive by it everyday on my way home) I asked for a stretcher b/c I was hoping she was merely unconscious. They didn't have one, so Juan and his brother in law carried her in. Bright red drops of blood poured out of her mouth all the way across the linoleum floor. The girl at the window yelled "we need a vet, STAT". A minute later I got the confirmation I feared. I sat w/ her for about an hour, until her eyes became cloudy and her paws grew cold. God, I never thought I could love a dog like this - I grew up w/ about 5-9 cats at all times. I was a cat person, but Misha was my baby and my best friend.

I kept thinking they never tried to save her. I love ER and they always try to save people. Why not try w/ a dog. I know its irrational. She had been dead from the second the truck hit her.

I really wanna finish this story but I have to get the fuck out of this office and downtown to the museum.

This site is for you Misha - I loved you as much as you loved me.

Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Yesterday I didn't feel well so I went home early. I put together some furniture to store my overwhelming amount of shoes (target rocks!) and then I took what was supposed to be a nap. BF tried to wake me up at 7 but like no way in hell was that going to happen. I finally woke up around midnight when he went to bed. I woke up angry. He didn't make me any dinner, and he let me sleep the night away. He also didn't take out the garbage. 
 Now he says I should not say fuck.....He suddenly wants me to be this lady that I am not. I may look like one but I truly do have a sailor mouth. I have had one for over 10 yrs (I am currently 29). Yeah cursing isn't professional, but everyone does it. I want to say shit fuck and damn just to rebel against his wanting to change me. But in a way I think he is kinda right. I always find myself cursing around little kids and then feeling like shit for it. And I want to have some eventually - it seems like half my friends are pregnant now. Except for Julie. She had a miscarriage - I have to call her but I don't know what to say. She is a great sweet caring considerate person, I can now see that all this pales in comparison to her being more than slightly anal about mostly everything, she did not deserve to lose the baby she wanted. She only told me b/c I asked her to be my bridesmaid and she gave me a warning that I would have a pregnant bridesmaid. I thought that would be great. I feel so bad for her.
I think my writing sucks.
No transitions.
All stream of conscious.
Sorry for anyone who has stumbled onto this project.
Its like I don't know what "transition" means anymore.
Or I guess I just don't give a fuck.
I will just write my fucks instead of saying them - not a bad idea I think.
I feel like I am writing for an audience.
I don't know how I feel about that.
I should do more actual work - must bug the Japanese now!

I am getting married on leap year day. February 29th. Today is Jan 13, and I haven't even received the invites yet.....Can you say behind schedule. Fiance and I are fighting - a lot. We both work way too much. I for my parents, he for himself. I cant wait for it to end. My job that is. I want to quit and go work for him. He is a real-estate broker and I can get my license and work for him. It isn't a saving the world kind of job that I always wanted, but I Love seeing new houses - all we have here in Miami. I really meant new to me, but in SoFla they are all new. My fav's are still the old classic ones - like mine! I live in a 1981 townhouse - just kidding about the classic thing......but it does have tons of natural light and is w/in walking distance of a movie theater, tons of bars (but I don't drink - I like the greens!) and restaurants (but I am broke :-(....). Anyway, I like houses and I hate mindless computer shit and shipping which is what I do now. I kinda already sold my first house. I have always looked at open houses and found one that was $1,100,000 and beautiful for shitty Miami houses. It has wrap around porches upstairs - something not found down here. Parents didn't want to move, they weren't even thinking about it, but I saw this house and thought "Perfect for Parents!" They saw it and bought it w/in a month - not bad for my first sale huh? And w/o a license. I would have made bank had I had one at the time. Oh well...

Friday, January 09, 2004

First post. I love reading the blogs so I am giving it a shot here - have been needing to get my brain back into action for a long time.
I found out about the world of blogging after I went to my 10 yr High School reunion and got the contact book. Well, actually a few months after that. You see, in high-school I had a great friend. I thought she was the coolest. I was an only child and considered her my best friend and sister. Though HS seemed like it sucked while I was there, looking back I had some fun times and almost all of them were w/ her. About a year after HS, on X-mas break she slept w/ the boy I was in love w/. She never apologized - she actually did the opposite and implied that I deserved it in a weird way. Well I hadn't spoken to her since the night I found out (she made him tell me which I never understood b/c she never called me after that - just a very not nice letter from Israel) and I was looking through the alumni directory and saw she had a website. I went to it and was floored that she had an on-line diary. The whole thing seemed so strange to me. I hadn't seen or spoken to her in over 10 years and now I am reading her private thoughts. I thought it was VERY strange. Then I realized that there were millions of bloggers out there and I LOVED to read their blogs. I even met a few cool people. So this is my attempt to belong to the blogging world if only anonymously . I guess I have to do the 100 things about myself - it almost seems mandatory, but I will have to do that another day as it is Friday night, 7:30, I am still at work, and still have tons more work to do. Till later....