Monday, January 19, 2004

I am trying to add the ability for those not reading yet to add comments.

I feel like an idiot b/c I simply seem unable to get it right.

It might have something to do w/ the error things that keep popping up every time I try to republish, but I DONT CARE!! I just want to get this done and feel like I know something about computers, b/c right now I don't feel that way. I cant even link my e-mail address on here.

I need help.

On a brighter note (I need more of these)

I did order the bridesmaids dress - except for one which I must do right now!!! Ok - I am hold. Only one more dress to go! Ok - just got off the phone. She said she was going to see if they could add that last extra dress....

what the fuck does she mean by "see if they have it"???

Yesterday she said it was no problem!!

This is my wedding - my first and only!!

I guess it is my fault for procrastinating so much....Oh well...hope it all works out.

Actually, I am sure it will.

At first I was just going to have some good very old friends to be in the bridal party, but less than 2 months before, I decided to invite new friends that I really hope to become closer too. I think it was a great idea. They seem really psyched to be bridesmaids even though it involves buying a dress that you would never wear elsewhere.

It is a pretty one though, and damn cheap for a bridesmaid dress. If I had it my way, I would make them all, but I have accepted that I do not have that kind of spare time in my life....

Hopefully by the time of the wedding I will know how to post pictures and do so!