Wednesday, January 21, 2004

No Car Stereo

I had this little button loose on my car stereo. The car was going in for a tune-up, to figure out what the hell was making it vibrate so much, and well basically - the works.

Well, I wanted to put a picture of my car here but just found out that blogger does not support this.

I cant support that.

I have been thinking about giving movable type a try.

I guess it is about time.

Ohh.. About my radio.

Now one little loose button that I rarely use is the problem but for some reason they have to keep it for 3 WEEKS!


So, I have been singing to myself. Mostly about the hole in the dash where the music used to come out of.

When I was writing "singing" I accidentally wrote "stinking" - pretty appropriate I think.

Hopefully w/ practice I will get better, but I wont hold my breath.