Friday, January 09, 2004

First post. I love reading the blogs so I am giving it a shot here - have been needing to get my brain back into action for a long time.
I found out about the world of blogging after I went to my 10 yr High School reunion and got the contact book. Well, actually a few months after that. You see, in high-school I had a great friend. I thought she was the coolest. I was an only child and considered her my best friend and sister. Though HS seemed like it sucked while I was there, looking back I had some fun times and almost all of them were w/ her. About a year after HS, on X-mas break she slept w/ the boy I was in love w/. She never apologized - she actually did the opposite and implied that I deserved it in a weird way. Well I hadn't spoken to her since the night I found out (she made him tell me which I never understood b/c she never called me after that - just a very not nice letter from Israel) and I was looking through the alumni directory and saw she had a website. I went to it and was floored that she had an on-line diary. The whole thing seemed so strange to me. I hadn't seen or spoken to her in over 10 years and now I am reading her private thoughts. I thought it was VERY strange. Then I realized that there were millions of bloggers out there and I LOVED to read their blogs. I even met a few cool people. So this is my attempt to belong to the blogging world if only anonymously . I guess I have to do the 100 things about myself - it almost seems mandatory, but I will have to do that another day as it is Friday night, 7:30, I am still at work, and still have tons more work to do. Till later....