Wednesday, February 28, 2007


i need to empty my ashtray. Its gross. But i also need to empty my garbage - also gross. I also need to empty the dishwasher - so not gross! The fridge - gross. Freezer - good. Litter box - could be better.

update - found a new ashtray...i want to quit, but its hard - especially now. But the last time I quit I was living w/ my ex-boyfriend so who knows...

Friday, February 23, 2007

life is good

when I look at a pill that contains codeine and not want to take it.

Thursday, February 22, 2007


my mind and the morning. Physically I am tired, but my mind is wide awake. Pretty much the norm. This is what scares me about getting a job, but after a few sleepless nights my schedule will hopefully regulate. Another sunset but so hazy. Not a thick white; more like smoggish.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

whale shark

I am watching National Geographic Blue Seas and I saw BIG animal. First I thought it was a shark, then it looked more like a whale. Its a Whale Shark. WTF is that? Should I be scared of it like a shark, or not - like a whale? They didn't explain. I could Google it, but I need to write more when I think of it.

Also, is dint really a proper word? B/C every time I write don't, the first option on Blogger spell check is dint. I am very well read and have never come across this word except for here. This one will make me go to I can live w/o knowing what a Whale Shark is, but not dint.

Pipefish are cool. I kinda wanna live like one. But after that last sentence and so many others, I bet they have better grammar than I do :)

Oh, god - I cant find a good link so I actually have to try to remember and coherently explain why they are so neat.

It's in their mating ritual.

They are monogamous - at least for one season - they didn't say
Male and female live separately but the female visits the male daily for about 3-4 hours.
After about a month, they "do it". The male and female rub together (they are long and thin like eels or snakes) until the female releases her eggs. Guess she came :) Then they work together and rub the eggs into the males stomach. The female continues her daily visits until the male releases the eggs at night and little Pipefish swim away. They didn't say if they stayed together for years, or just for the season. I wish it was for years. I think its so sweet.

Oh yeah, I really would love a little pig. They are so cute (cuz i made a new "animals tag"...)


Tuesday, February 20, 2007

the boats are leaving

The boat/yacht show here never ceases to amaze me. They build a mini city w/ restaurants and lounges and plasma TVs on Indian Creek (tiny inter coastal). It takes about a month for all the stuff to be put together - they pound in so many wooden pylons and make decks, the the hundreds of BOATS come little by little. One came as early as superbowl weekend. Must be nice.

In a week they are all gone. Nothing. The boats come (or wait) in groups of 5-7 to dock, but they leave around 15 at a time.

One of them was $35 mil. I don't know which one - but it could have been at least one of 7. The biggest of the yachts are longer than the $15 mil houses across the creek are wide. Its frigging insane. I love boats though. I dream of selling my house and living on a boat - hurricane? Leave w/ all your possessions in your "home." It just would not be fair to my dog - but I live in a condo now and he has no qualms about peeing on marble so he should be fine peeing on deck. Then we could find little islands where he could run w/o cars. Oh the dream. I don't want a HUGE boat, though I would not turn it down. Looking at about 1,000 sq ft living & deck. Don't know how long it is or have a clue about what such a beast might cost. Hmmm.... I doubt that there are property taxes on a boat - that's whats stopping me from moving to the beach for good - my taxes @4,000 will double :( if I sell my place and get another for the same price.

Why I cant have a boat. The need to be painted yearly. I suck at upkeep. I am messy. But everything in a boat HAS to be put away so that might help. When I got my Roomba, my floors never had crap on them b/c i didn't want to hurt my round blue baby that eats dog and cat hair. I mean, can you ask for a better pet?

Yeah, Its also terribly impractical but I think being impractical, devil may care, free spirit makes me happier. Hah - I would literally be a drifter.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

60 outside

and there are people sunning and bathing. It just does not seem right to me. I dont get it anymore. Though at one time I did - but that was 70, 60 is a whole nother ballpark, especially w/ the ocean winds. They must be from Buffalo. Did I mention that I had the worlds sweetest and cutest kitten ever? BECAUSE I DO!!