Wednesday, February 21, 2007

whale shark

I am watching National Geographic Blue Seas and I saw BIG animal. First I thought it was a shark, then it looked more like a whale. Its a Whale Shark. WTF is that? Should I be scared of it like a shark, or not - like a whale? They didn't explain. I could Google it, but I need to write more when I think of it.

Also, is dint really a proper word? B/C every time I write don't, the first option on Blogger spell check is dint. I am very well read and have never come across this word except for here. This one will make me go to I can live w/o knowing what a Whale Shark is, but not dint.

Pipefish are cool. I kinda wanna live like one. But after that last sentence and so many others, I bet they have better grammar than I do :)

Oh, god - I cant find a good link so I actually have to try to remember and coherently explain why they are so neat.

It's in their mating ritual.

They are monogamous - at least for one season - they didn't say
Male and female live separately but the female visits the male daily for about 3-4 hours.
After about a month, they "do it". The male and female rub together (they are long and thin like eels or snakes) until the female releases her eggs. Guess she came :) Then they work together and rub the eggs into the males stomach. The female continues her daily visits until the male releases the eggs at night and little Pipefish swim away. They didn't say if they stayed together for years, or just for the season. I wish it was for years. I think its so sweet.

Oh yeah, I really would love a little pig. They are so cute (cuz i made a new "animals tag"...)