Tuesday, February 20, 2007

the boats are leaving

The boat/yacht show here never ceases to amaze me. They build a mini city w/ restaurants and lounges and plasma TVs on Indian Creek (tiny inter coastal). It takes about a month for all the stuff to be put together - they pound in so many wooden pylons and make decks, the the hundreds of BOATS come little by little. One came as early as superbowl weekend. Must be nice.

In a week they are all gone. Nothing. The boats come (or wait) in groups of 5-7 to dock, but they leave around 15 at a time.

One of them was $35 mil. I don't know which one - but it could have been at least one of 7. The biggest of the yachts are longer than the $15 mil houses across the creek are wide. Its frigging insane. I love boats though. I dream of selling my house and living on a boat - hurricane? Leave w/ all your possessions in your "home." It just would not be fair to my dog - but I live in a condo now and he has no qualms about peeing on marble so he should be fine peeing on deck. Then we could find little islands where he could run w/o cars. Oh the dream. I don't want a HUGE boat, though I would not turn it down. Looking at about 1,000 sq ft living & deck. Don't know how long it is or have a clue about what such a beast might cost. Hmmm.... I doubt that there are property taxes on a boat - that's whats stopping me from moving to the beach for good - my taxes @4,000 will double :( if I sell my place and get another for the same price.

Why I cant have a boat. The need to be painted yearly. I suck at upkeep. I am messy. But everything in a boat HAS to be put away so that might help. When I got my Roomba, my floors never had crap on them b/c i didn't want to hurt my round blue baby that eats dog and cat hair. I mean, can you ask for a better pet?

Yeah, Its also terribly impractical but I think being impractical, devil may care, free spirit makes me happier. Hah - I would literally be a drifter.