Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Angry about Bush?

You ain't alone. But he took some initiative.

In other news, I had my wedding shower this past weekend. Made it all seem more real. Checks made out to Mr. and Mrs...I haven't even decided if I want to change my name yet. I've kinda grown attached to it over the past 30 years. Everyone congratulated us. Wow. I am getting married.

My maid of honor is the best. EVER. I don't even have the ability to describe just how much she rocks. She is an organizational genius and oh so much more.

And as I get married, another marriage seems to be falling apart. I have a distant cousin. I know him - we played as kids but he is more my cousins cousin than my cousin- no blood is shared. We got a phone call today that he was cheating on her AGAIN. This guy aint so hot, but OH MY GOD IS HIS WIFE GORGEOUS. Oh yeah - they have a 6 year old kid also. Why cant he keep it in his pants? On Saturday they were looking like a happy couple and today not anymore. They wont be attending my wedding needless to say.

A slightly good thing came out of this for me (yes - very, very selfish reasoning here). At the shower, in a moment of drunken love, I invited my older cousin and her to my bachelorette party TOTALLY FORGETTING that we were all, um, lets say "roller skating". (X) Sunday morning I was wondering why I even bother to speak while drunk because by inviting her, I had to invite her sister in law who is even more straitlaced than her, but more family than her as I have known her sister in law all my life and probably fed her a few times. So the dissolution of a marriage fixes my stupid drunken speaking problem. That's why I like getting high better. I don't talk so much damn shit. Hell, I barely talk at all.

I also finally found a flower girl and ring boy AND THEY ARE TWINS!! They are also the Best Man's half-siblings, and very cute. My whole family is quite happy that only 2 legged creatures will be in the wedding party.

The Ousted Ring Bearer

And his Masked Sidekick sleeping 'tween a cooler and a car seat on our way to go camping.

As as I seem to have become quite the exhibitionist lately:

Cause their aint no toilets on islands!

CANT. WAIT. TILL. ITS. OVER. 5 DAYS!!!! And then 5 days in the rainforest and then 7 days in a big, huge, giant, enormous boat. I will try to post from the boat if it doesn't cost an arm & a leg.

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Yay! Bye-Bye Ashcroft

We won't miss you. Thanks for resigning. I now have one itty witty bitty iota of hope. But I know there is a damn good chance it could be squashed by your replacement. Here's to trying to make the other half of the country happy.


Friday, November 05, 2004

Some um, different pictures.

Here's to getting over my fear of public humiliation!

See - not always pretty!

But sometimes a bit weird...

And I can look a bit odd at times...

My Very Own Crayola Flower

K-mart Crayon Tree

To end on a nice note.


Tuesday, November 02, 2004

zabernism (ZAB-uhr-niz-uhm) noun - The misuse of military power; aggression; bullying

After Zabern, German name for Saverne, a village in Alsace, France. In 1912, in this village, a German military officer killed a lame cobbler who smiled at him.

"Both countries have been slaves to Kruppism and Zabernism--because they were sovereign and free! So it will always be. So long as patriotic cant can keep the common man jealous of international controls over his belligerent possibilities, so long will he be the helpless slave of the foreign threat, and 'Peace' remain a mere name for the resting phase between wars."
H.G. Wells; In The Fourth Year: Anticipations of a World Peace; 1918.

The above brought to me by A WORD A DAY.

Pretty appropriate word for today I think.

I finally got my absentee ballot in the mail YESTERDAY 11/01/04. As I could not mail it in I had two choices to hand deliver it to. Downtown - a hell hole of traffic, expensive parking, and a myriad of confusing one way streets; or one could go to Doral which unless you live or work there its a good rule just to avoid it because it is near the rapidly sprawling airport and another hell hole of traffic. Lucky for me, I work about a 5 minute drive from the Miami-Dade County Election Headquarters in Doral so it was no problem for me to drop off the ballot. But I am sure it screwed thousands of others out there. All in all it was really easy. I couldn't park anywhere near the building because Every Single News Truck In The World Was There and 3 Florida, Power, and Light trucks as well. I cross about 3 police lines to enter the bldg but no one ever talked to me as I crossed the lines - guess they were only for cars. When I entered the bldg I was immediately told to go to this line. On the half hour drive to work all I heard on NPR was people talking about lines that were 2 to 4 hours long so this did not make me very happy. Thing is I couldn't find the line. I now know it is a very good thing when you cant find the line. I couldn't find the line because there was only one person in it! And the next teller (or whatever her position was)was open, so THERE WAS NO LINE!!!


And I got me a wedding cake - finally - and it tastes damn good.

I also got some (178) pictures taken that make me look really good. My fiance is the best photographer in the world. I only hope that the one I am paying is half as good.

Here is one of them.


Well, still haven't got the photo posting w/in a blog thing down. I swear - I AM NOT STUPID and this lady doth not protest too much.

I did do it, but it took too damn long. There has got to be a faster way. I wrote this entry, put the picture in a separate entry, and then copied and pasted the picture to this entry, to finally delete the original picture entry. There has got to be something I am missing.

Email me if you want to see the whole shebang.

Back to election thingy - In the back of my head I had this tiny fear that something horrible was going to happen yesterday (think Spain). Thankfully nothing did. I really feel a wave of relief knowing that the threat of pre-election attacks has been done away with.

As I haven't written anything in a while I had a shitload to say but cant think b/c I have too much sugar in my blood from tasting all those damn good cakes.

CANT. WAIT. TILL. ITS. OVER. - he-he - originally meant for election but will stay till I am finally fucking MARRIED!!