Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Angry about Bush?

You ain't alone. But he took some initiative.

In other news, I had my wedding shower this past weekend. Made it all seem more real. Checks made out to Mr. and Mrs...I haven't even decided if I want to change my name yet. I've kinda grown attached to it over the past 30 years. Everyone congratulated us. Wow. I am getting married.

My maid of honor is the best. EVER. I don't even have the ability to describe just how much she rocks. She is an organizational genius and oh so much more.

And as I get married, another marriage seems to be falling apart. I have a distant cousin. I know him - we played as kids but he is more my cousins cousin than my cousin- no blood is shared. We got a phone call today that he was cheating on her AGAIN. This guy aint so hot, but OH MY GOD IS HIS WIFE GORGEOUS. Oh yeah - they have a 6 year old kid also. Why cant he keep it in his pants? On Saturday they were looking like a happy couple and today not anymore. They wont be attending my wedding needless to say.

A slightly good thing came out of this for me (yes - very, very selfish reasoning here). At the shower, in a moment of drunken love, I invited my older cousin and her to my bachelorette party TOTALLY FORGETTING that we were all, um, lets say "roller skating". (X) Sunday morning I was wondering why I even bother to speak while drunk because by inviting her, I had to invite her sister in law who is even more straitlaced than her, but more family than her as I have known her sister in law all my life and probably fed her a few times. So the dissolution of a marriage fixes my stupid drunken speaking problem. That's why I like getting high better. I don't talk so much damn shit. Hell, I barely talk at all.

I also finally found a flower girl and ring boy AND THEY ARE TWINS!! They are also the Best Man's half-siblings, and very cute. My whole family is quite happy that only 2 legged creatures will be in the wedding party.

The Ousted Ring Bearer

And his Masked Sidekick sleeping 'tween a cooler and a car seat on our way to go camping.

As as I seem to have become quite the exhibitionist lately:

Cause their aint no toilets on islands!

CANT. WAIT. TILL. ITS. OVER. 5 DAYS!!!! And then 5 days in the rainforest and then 7 days in a big, huge, giant, enormous boat. I will try to post from the boat if it doesn't cost an arm & a leg.