Friday, December 10, 2004

I'm Back!

These are the wonderful ladies who helped me keep my sanity and threw me the best bachelorette party in history. Excellent friends, and I never knew just how much until now. I am so fortunate to love them and have them love me back. And isn't it cool how the dresses match my car - totally coincidental - I swear. I didn't realize it until I picked them up and put them in the trunk - the EXACT same color. I gotta admit - I like purple.

The wedding. On the beach but facing the dunes. Everyone thought that is was so coincidental that it was right before sunset. They underestimate my planning capabilities. We even checked tide charts b/c the road to the reception was in a very low-lying, mangrovey area that really floods during high tides. Luckily, it was a very low high tide at the time.

Everything went wonderfully. Except I never got to eat and got really bitchy until I was handed a HUGE plate of appetizers because you get to have more pictures taken at your wedding while the guest actually get to eat. I was just drinking mimosas and champagne until about 6 when I demanded food. I found that I was more commanding than normal while wearing a big white dress. I couldn't sneak out to get high though because people notice when the one in the big white dress is trying to leave the premises, but the husband - did they notice him? - Never!

I have so much to tell and want to, but I want to be more cohesive than normal so I think I will take some time with the whole wedding post thing. I suck at throwing bouquets - someone should have told me to practice. I just landed on the floor right in front of a great friend of mine who would have been a bridesmaid if we had become closer sooner. Remember the original date of 2/29/04? All the favors, napkins, and matches had the date. I thought it was kinda funny and cute yet sad at the same time because of the constant reminder of why we had to postpone in the first place - my would be mother in law became very ill and shortly thereafter died.

Back to bouquet thing - I cant throw worth a shit; good thing is neither can my husband. The garter belt landed in pretty much the same place the bouquet did - on the floor in front of the awaiting bachelors. The coolest thing however, is that the man who it landed in front of was the date of the lovely lady who caught the bouquet! I have never seen that happen before and still think it is way cool. And though, as usual, I have no recollection of it, I went to high school with the man who caught the garter. Need to break out the year book to see if I can recall him because he does remember me and we did hang w/ the same circle more or less. My graduating class was about 1,000 so I really cant remember everyone.

But what got me to the computer today in the first place was this:
Remember that somewhat silly, embarrassing picture of me in a coconut bra that I posted? Well, I was just reading a local newspaper and there it was. With my real name. God, it took enough courage to post it under Misha, and now its out there, for everyone to see, WITH MY REAL NAME. Oh the humiliation. Just kidding. Not really that embarrassed. I just thought it was funny that I really debated posting that picture with the flabby tummy and all and it's in the paper now! There are actually 4 pictures of me from that picnic - more than anyone else :-)

And the guy who caught the garter was actually at the picnic because his picture was in the paper too. The caption mentioned that he works with snakes and it just hit me that I do remember him. I believe I watched A Clockwork Orange at his house for the first time in like 10th grade or something. -Going to check yearbook - I don't know - could have been him. I really hate forgetting people. Funny thing is I know exactly where that house was so I can ask him if it was his house or if his parents were chemists who game him big bags of pot for Christmas. Interesting parents....

That's Mrs. Pooh to you!