Friday, December 17, 2004

because I am incapable of giving a short answer

This is an answer to the first comment in the last post. Apparently, I can only write 1000 words in the comment section so now this comment is its own post b/c I am too lazy to edit, or I refuse to compromise.

Movie: Go see the Incredibles. You'll be in tears - seen it - I was - great movie

Books: Eyre Affair by Jasper Fforde - Great - I am always looking for a new good book/author

Music: Hmmm I think a bit of Erasure might suit your taste- I have listened to them before, but will listen w/ my ears open this time.

1) How many times have you fallen deeply in love

- that is really hard. I have a hard shell around myself that prevents such things. I have fallen deeply in love many times only to find out it was lust shortly thereafter. My final answer is 3.

2) What was your easiest breakup - easy!

Misha's Dad - I stayed w/ him for years b/c I loved his dog and couldn't part w/ her. We started out as roommates so we lived together from day one but I always had my own bedroom as did he. He was very distant. Little or no kissing and no good hugs. Surprisingly though - some good snuggling. One night after realizing I didn't like the man enough to sleep next to him I started sleeping on the couch. He never asked why. Later on he said, I hope you don't mind but I am going camping w/ the guys this weekend after I had been dying to get him to go camping for years. I just said - why would I mind? I thought we have been broken up for over a month (while I was quitting cigarettes!) He later moved into the guest bedroom and gave me back the bed b/c both dogs were sleeping w/ me on the couch. After a few months of this I went to Miami for X-mas and left a note saying that one of us had to leave and he got to choose. Thankfully he left the apt and left the Pooh behind. He even let me keep the AC unit his uncle gave us. While after writing all this I guess it wasn't the easiest one (that would have to have been in jr. high), it most definitely was the best decision I sort of ever made.

3) Chocolate Chip Mint Icecream or Cherry Pistachio?

Chocolate Chip Mint if the chips are more like shavings and not chunks is my all time favorite - a high school boyfriend introduced it to me. Chocolate mint cappucinos are also my favorite.