Thursday, January 15, 2004

The Story of the Misha

I work too much but I am going to the museum today to drink my monthly martini and see the band that will play at my wedding! I haven't seen them play in a very long time and am way psyched about this.

Misha was my first dog. I loved her more than anything and she was killed by a car September of 2002. I named this after her because I still miss her so much. I want something of hers to go on (besides the dog hair I swear I still find on old clothes). As soon as I gain the knowledge I will post her picture. She was beautiful, and sweet, and just the fucking best damn dog ever. Stupid big white truck!!!

At least she died doing what she loved best - jumping a fence to chase a cat - she jumped about 5 fences through backyards before she made it to the street.

I will never forget that night. It was a Friday so I was zonked after a long week of work. I wanted to take a nap. She was sleeping w/ me. Our friends threw an impromptu b-day party for our neighbor Juan - he has a husky that looks like Misha named Ripple. My BF at the time came into the bedroom to see if I wanted to go. I said no - I was too tired.

He asked if he could take Misha along. I said yes because I knew they had a big back yard w/ a tall fence and their husky never escaped from it. Alas, I underestimated Misha's powers to escape. He said "Misha, wanna go for a walk!". She jumped off the bed and that was the last time I saw her alive.

Next thing I know I am waking up and Juan (B-day boy) was downstairs saying Misha had been hit by a car. I thought it was a bad joke to get me out of bed and to the party. If only. I started running downstairs and then realized I was naked. I put on what ever was lying around and went to the car where she was - dead. I knew it instantly but BF didn't want to believe it. He kept saying that she had a heart-beat, that she was licking him (it was just the car bouncing).

When we got to the vet ( I drive by it everyday on my way home) I asked for a stretcher b/c I was hoping she was merely unconscious. They didn't have one, so Juan and his brother in law carried her in. Bright red drops of blood poured out of her mouth all the way across the linoleum floor. The girl at the window yelled "we need a vet, STAT". A minute later I got the confirmation I feared. I sat w/ her for about an hour, until her eyes became cloudy and her paws grew cold. God, I never thought I could love a dog like this - I grew up w/ about 5-9 cats at all times. I was a cat person, but Misha was my baby and my best friend.

I kept thinking they never tried to save her. I love ER and they always try to save people. Why not try w/ a dog. I know its irrational. She had been dead from the second the truck hit her.

I really wanna finish this story but I have to get the fuck out of this office and downtown to the museum.

This site is for you Misha - I loved you as much as you loved me.