Wednesday, December 13, 2006

best and most gentle natural asian exfoliating facial ever!

Alas, this supreme facial is not available to just everyone. I have been especially gifted. But more of that later.

First, I must apologize to fabulous Skippy Mom. She has tagged me TWICE :). My first tags. Lady got me in a special way. Sadly, I suck and have not been inspired to do them... But I really, really promise I will. And I have really been wanting to be tagged, but then it seems I am not entirely comfortable with the "you're it" part. I tend to freeze. On to massive cuteness overload!

here is my cosmotologist:

She is the best. A hottie, a great snuggler, and she likes dogs:

She is very thorough. Her rough teeny tongue gently licked my nose, chin, and forehead - all the trouble areas. Some of you might be like, oh my god, how gross! But it was the cutest, sweetest thing ever. It was an Asian facial b/c she is Siamese if you please. Though I have another "designer" pet, she was dropped off at my parents office because a friend of a relative of an employee found her and said employee brought her to work. My mom told to go pick her up! Now she wants her :( She has a bigger house, wide balcony rails where kitty can wander, and kitty can go outside. Mom lives in cul-de-sac in quiet small hood; I live in a condo. So I guess she has her reasons. But I love kitty so much. So Cute. So sweet.

Oh yeah - she was named Ling-Ling, but I just call her kitty. Might go back to ling-ling in a while..

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