Tuesday, August 31, 2004

posting can become addictive

Nothing for who know how long, then a plea for funnies and then 2 posts in one day plus 1 brutally honest one that I don't know what the hell I am going to w/. I am not as brave as Dooce.

I used to love reading blogs. I don't get the same enjoyment anymore. I wonder why.

I also find myself leaving really long comments on other peoples blogs that really should be reserved for my blog. I feel as if I am using someone else's soapbox for my purposes. Anyone get annoyed by my long comments? If they go beyond two paragraphs I have been deleting them lately.

Wanted to go to Bozeman, MT for the long weekend, but a hurricane is bearing down on Florida. If it hits Miami, there will tons of canned good floating around the Grove courtesy of me - a Costco junkie. It really sucks if your neighborhood Costco junkie lives in an evacuation zone. All the good food ends up under water. But not the cans. The glorious cans can be found w/ my new snorkeling gear. Now, just in case, because the damn storm isn't supposed to reach land till FRIDAY, but people are still freaked about it, I need to go get me some bottled H20 and I guess stock up on some Mary Jane.

For THREE whole years, I thought I had no windstorm insurance, or for that matter insurance of any kind, but after asking my wonderful father, I found out that he arranged it for me. I love the man. He is as disorganized as I am, but solid as a rock under stress. I got his messiness and packratness, and my moms (for lack of a much better work b/c the anti-anxiety, brain numbing pills have kicked in) hysteria. For the past 2 days I have felt as if I have been having a nervous breakdown at the young and tender age of 30. And my doctor is out of town. Lovely. I call crying, saying I NEED to see him TODAY and they say "Sorry, he wont be in the office till the end of September. Call back then" FUCK YOU, YOU STUPID PEOPLE - DON'T YOU REALIZE I AM HAVING SOME SERIOUS MENTAL ISSUES AT THE MOMENT??

Sadly, my usual long weekend plans have most likely been washed away w/ hurricane Charlie. I love the west coast. Hope it didn't kill North Captiva Island and that other island I was at too much.

"Saving one animal won't change the world, but it will change the world for that one animal."