Wednesday, September 29, 2004

I am a Nielson Family!!

I have always loved surveys. I figure its my chance to have my little voice heard and perhaps, just maybe, make a difference. I don't quite feel the same way about being a Nielson Family. I don't really think much of TV is worth fighting for. But hey - I do watch it, and now what I watch will somehow matter.

The Nielson people are kinda ghetto. They inform you by postcard that you will receive a phone call asking if you want to join. Once they call they ask how many TVs are in the house and send one booklet for each TV. They tell you that you will get $10 for religiously documenting what you watch on TV for one week and that your booklets will arrive in a red, white, and blue envelope -otherwise known as a USPS Priority Mail envelope - why don't they just tell you that? What is w/ the "red, white and blue envelope shit? I don't know.

When someone tells me they are giving me $10 for filling out a survey, I assume that the money will be in check form. NOT. Is it me, or is it strange that they sent cash - 1 $5 and 5 $1 bills. It all seems so unorganized (sp?) to me.

Well next Thursday will be the day of reckoning. I will find out exactly how much of the idiot box I watch on any given week. Something tells me the results will horrify me as I do think I watch too much TV. But it is losing its grasp on me. I am almost thankful when a favorite show is cancelled - less TV to see!! I also try really hard not to watch any new shows, but it is so damn easy to get sucked in.

Here's to hoping that I am not a TOTAL idiot box junkie.

Yeah - I gots me some pics too! I want all my babies to be on the web. Hopefully I will find time to really figure out how the picture thing works and how I can make it work better.

One more thing - I decided to apply for the Google adds. Not because I actually thought I could make more than 20 cents a month or anything like that. I just wanted to see what kind of adds they would put. I love to track advertising. I once had it as an assignment in high school, and still write down commercials now and then. Well Google denied me. It appears that they think my site is under construction. I know it isn't the most aesthetically pleasing thing out there, but come on, it don't look like a damn construction site either.

Cut me some damn slack.

"Voting for Kerry just might, fuck that - it will change the world."