Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Why So Sad/Mad/Angry?

I just came to the obvious realization that too many of my posts are a tad bit on the negative side because I write them after work, right before I go home. Yes, for most, going home is a happy time, but you see, I HATE my job (yes, yes - very negative) so at the end of a 12 hr work day I am seriously pissed off at all the bullshit I have had to deal with throughout the day.

I don't really think I get over it until I am at home w/ C and all my dogs (3) and cats (2). Puppy love really is the best. I just cracked a smile - my first since about 6pm when I was seriously considering setting up a tent out back and camping out at work tonight, and for the rest of this week to try and finish what people say NEEDS to be done tomorrow. I love people who live in dream land (imagine the sarcasm dripping there) - idiots - all of them.

Then my often wonderful mother said SHE would do the paperwork for the container shipment. Poor fool had NO idea what she was getting herself into. She finally gave up at one invoice and said she would do the other 20 or so (40' container full of zippers of almost endless widths, types, functions, and lengths) when ever she damn well got around to it. She's the Boss.

So here is to writing at the beginning of the day, before my spirit becomes broken and nothing but negativity and spew from my keyboard.


"Saving one animal won't change the world, but it will change the world for that one animal."