Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Big Ugly Bug Deserved to LIVE

Big Ugly Bug got killed. I am not too happy about that. Why cant people just relocate things they don't like? Why do they have to kill them? When Big Ugly Bug (who still has a right to life and choice) crawled out of the cranny he (?) had made his home, he was promptly squashed. I wasn't around to protect him.

I remember when I was a freshman in college, first one, not second one, I once killed an ant by burning it w/ a cigarette. I actually cried I felt so bad over the random act of meanness that somehow came out of me. I had never done anything like that before - and have never done anything like that again.

I read a story (b/c I get like every single action alert) about 2 guys (18 & 19) who tied a husky (my baby) to a tree and shot it w/ the SAME arrow about 30 times. One of the kids had a dad as a Mayor so they only got fines. I don't know whether to cry or throw things. They had to repeatedly pull it out of the poor dog and repeatedly shoot the arrow. Fucking assholes should rot in jail for the rest of their lives.
(I like my bad use of the word repeatedly :-) - had to do something to make myself smile.

My tag line has never seemed so appropriate.

"Saving one animal won't change the world, but it will change the world for that one animal."