Friday, May 28, 2004

Goin' Camin' NEKED!


I am going Naked Camping w/ 2 of my dogs and fiance. I soo cant wait. And I am thinking of doing something I have never seen done in these pages of blogs i read - I just might post some photos of the trip. I figure, if I want to declare myself a nudist, then I must not just talk the talk - I also have to walk the walk - and in keeping w/ the brutal honesty theme I want here - show the walk.

Naked pictures - not sexual. Just a human. Without clothes. Pretty scandalous right? Bullshit. This is how I came into this world and I like to remain in that state as much as possible.

Warning - while I might be quite hot, I aint no magazine material. There wont be any airbrushing. I wont post one like from the trip last year which I title "Rolls with roll". I was sitting down, hunched over, and eating a honey bun. Honestly - I NEVER eat honey buns - it was just a stoner camping thing, but a horrible picture. UGH - I looked like I weighed 200lbs, which thankfully, I dont. But hunched over even Britney would look like she has a belly. I really wish I had her body, but exercise is part of her job - I have to do mine on the side.

I went on this trip last year. It was idyllic.

Well, i wanted to tell more, but time got the best of me.

its funny how when things go horribly wrong, they can turn out even better than imagined. I will record the facts later. Hopefully not much later.

"Saving one animal won't change the world, but it will change the world for that one animal."