Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Send your favorite things to heaven!

I finally picked up my wedding band on Sunday! I bought it 2 months ago when everything was still rush, rush, rush and when it all came crashing down it felt almost weird going to get it. It is also in a huge mall which I really hate going to. I guess it’s the same for all malls though. I have an old fashioned engagement ring shaped like an off-center octagon, so I wasn’t sure how it was going to go w/ a band but I looks great! The band is only 2mm wide with the tiniest diamonds all over the top half and totally matches my engagement ring.
Damn, I was trying to find a picture of a similar one at Kay’s and I saw it for $100 less than what I paid. Oh well, I thought I was getting a good deal at the time.

After that C and I were looking to go Oleta River State Park for kayaking but when we got there the kayak rentals were closed indefinitely. So then we were going to go Tradewinds Park Which we visited last weekend. It has this great viewing platform up amongst all these trees. It is such a perfect place to relax. Then we realized that it was waaaay to far north.
This is how our weekends usually go.
Wandering around looking for something to do.

We started wandering back south to home to do something – what it was I completely forgot. Well, on our way down we passed Haulover Beach and decided that’s where we would stop. We found a towel, spin kite and backgammon board in the trunk so we were set. More set than we realized.

We were quite bummed about our lack of mari-ju-anna for this weekend and when we opened up the board a decent size bag literally flew out (very windy that day). Also in the board were a bowl and lighter. Made a good beach day even better.

By this time the kite was already up in the air but I got tired of holding it. We attached it to my purse but heavy as the damn thing is, it was picked up off the ground a few times. Not wanting to see my purse fly away, genius C filled the kite tube with sand – a very handy anchor.

After a few games of backgammon in which he kicked my ass (he was once ranked like 20 in the internet world) we decided to send things up the kite line.

There is such an incredible feeling of release when you attach something to a string that goes strait up and then that something goes strait up as well – fast!
We sent a lot of things up there. My underwear, my dress, my flip flops, a plastic bag filled with sand, but with a small hole to make it rain sand – the neighbors were perverted – VERY. I was honestly scared to go the bathroom w/o C nearby – when I got out there was actually someone waiting for me at the door. Creepy. Very.

Next time we go to the beach, we are going to put the kite so high up that you can't see anything but the string and try to sell “Sending letters to God”.

Aren’t we just horrible.

Except for this devious idea to take advantage of the gullible we really are good people.

"Saving one animal won't change the world, but it will change the world for that one animal."