Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Dirty Filthy Car

"Saving one animal won't change the world, but it will change the world for that one animal."

I never wash my car. That worked just fine for me for about 10 years but then my parents got a new Mercedes and gave me their old one (not that old 1997 - 40th anniversary edition - some strange shade of blue/purple - only 250 made for USA). OK, those are the facts about my transportation.

It's a special car - only 250 after all - so I feel an obligation to keep it clean but I treat it like an SUV (which I plan to buy as soon as I see a hybrid make its way down to FL). It is the primary doggie transport vehicle because it has a handy shelf instead of a leather back seat. Because the top goes down you can fit much more than one would have ever thought in this car so it is also the designated camping car.

We once drove 4 hours with a tent, a 10ft inflatable boat, a 3hp trolling motor, 2 coolers, 2 camping chairs, stove, lantern, cook ware, 2 dogs (husky and jack russell), 2 people, a back pack, about 10 towels, 2 sleeping bags (the cheap bulky kind), and anything else you might need for camping out 2 nights on an island a mile off shore.

So my car, I feel bad when it is dirty which is very often as I have no garage and a huge nasty berry dropping tree over my driveway. Don't get me wrong - I would chain myself to that tree before I let anyone cut it down. I almost had to - it was going to be cut down about 2 days before I closed on my Coconut Grove townhouse. Luckily I had voiced my opinion that having a large tree in the middle of a driveway was completely awesome.

Today I get my car washed for the first time in over a month. It looks very clean. The I get closer. I see all these miniscule spots that really bother me. I run my hand over the hood (would never to that to unwashed car) and am actually upset that my hand gets dirty and that the hood is not smooooth.

So I don't care about my car when it is dirty, but I turn into an anal bitch when it is clean.

I don't get it.