Friday, January 25, 2008

watching "have a wedding"

Love is a game
and games can be fun
Love is a game
and games should be fun
(not my words, from a song in the movie - they just really strike a chord with me and I did not want to forget them)

some blog along w/ the state of the union. I really admire them for that. I am blogging about a not so good, yet not horrible movie tonight - many spoilers...

dude, i get that jason biggs is sad, but i have hit rock bottom and am still glued to it, but I have NEVER had the urge to drink pickle juice out of the jar for breakfast. But then I cant ingest anything but water and pills till at least 3 hours of awake time...

have i told ya'll how much i love watching movies that are in the theaters on my laptop? Cuz it really fucking rocks! VeohTV is da bomb.

Any one who reads this, I love you. Let me know if you like it, or if its just crap. While i hope you like it, i happen to think its pretty much just crap so you cant hurt my feelings there. I dont want "comments", i want "feedback". I want a site like Mihow's. The entries are awesome, but the conversations in the comments are what make it.

Just Wrong
watching movie - dad bites into sandwich and daughters diaphragm (how the hell is anyone supposed to know how that is spelled? i had one for a year and had no clue how to spell it) just happens to be in it? so, so very, very wrong.

OMG - so funny
old people having kinky foreplay w/ whipped cream.

they travel in buses. I dont know why, but unless it is a straight line i dont do buses. Any train system in the WORLD no prob, but switching buses just seems like a pain in the ass. I do remember doing it many years ago, before I was 16, but I was always w/ someone who knew how to work it. I like the bus system in San Fran though. I dont know if i used it, but i was able to walk through most of the city back to "homebase" thanks to the wonderful bus shelters. Each one had a map of the city with a you are here dot. Paris could use that. Miami could use that. Mexico buses are different. On an overnight destination to destination trip we stopped all the time, in the middle of nowhere to pick people up. People were sleeping in the aisles. Also, their buses are more like collectivos. Which i guess translates into "collective". They were pick ups with wooden frames attached to the back. I have seen people standing on the bumper and holding on and that is considered OK. At least there you tell them where you are going, you get there for like 40 cents, and you get dropped off where you want. Great for adventurous tourists. However, there are none running between 2-4, the hottest fucking hours of the day to be standing on the side of a "highway". My ex's dad actually saw us waiting for a ride and did not stop. OMG. We eventually hitched a ride with a preacher who was going to the exact same "town" we were going to. The insane riptides there had claimed the life of a marine biology professor and he was doing the whole funeral thing. I never went swimming in those beaches. Here I can swim out forever and feel fine on a normal day, but there the riptides could take you out to sea in seconds. Apparently many peopole die there. It is called Las Bahias de Huatulco in Huatulco (he-he, spellcheck does not recognize Huatulco as a word and the first suggestion is Flatulence - I just dont get it), Mexico. We were staying in Zipolite - a town on the southernmost and westernmost part of Mexico. It is wonderful. I hear Puerto Angel is also nice, but all I remember about that was a giant pig walking the streets and a bridge built to go over a giant mud puddle.