Sunday, January 13, 2008

I got me an xmas present!

Now to me, a good present is one that is completely impractical yet totally wanted. I have wanted purple contacts forever, and I finally bought me some! I don't want them to look real, I like the funky look, but if they look real that would be cool too. Only $40! Because i stole a copywrited image here is where i got the contacts. They have tons of other really cool kinds. Its neat to browse.

I had recently seen something where a dead victims eyes (on TV) were cloudy and open. This after having a discussion the previous day about why they always close every dead persons eyes and they stayed closed. I learned during the worst night of my life, that when you close the eyes of the dead, they just pop right back open. I said bye to her till here eyes got cloudy and her paws got cold. (Wow Tangent) The point was brought up that on TV and Movies they close the eyes because people blink a lot. But then I saw the dude w/ the wide open cloudy eyes...maybe they numbed his eyeballs so he would not blink? Anyway, I thought cloudy contacts would have made an excellent addition to my dead lady Halloween costume, but though they sell almost every imaginable type of contact, nothing cloudy. So I only went purple. Which if you remember correctly, IS my Favorite color. Purple Rocks!

Perhaps I can go as a young elizabeth taylor as I now have violet eyes and all, or at least will in a week. It will be odd to wear contacts again. It has been 6 years since i had lasix surgery and at that point I never thought I would wear contacts again. Damn my funky vanity. Perhaps that it why i like my tattoo. Because of it I am permanently accessorized, which works great for me b/c I never wear jewelry.