Tuesday, January 29, 2008

coolest tent evar

I so want this tent, though it is so not practical. I just thought it was the cutest one ever. It also just happens to run from $4,000 to $5,000. Besides the price it is not perfect for me because it is a four season tent. I need to have two tents. One that is as much mesh as possible for FL camping and a winter tent for mountain camping. This one is too big for hiking and too hot for FL so it is useless to me, but that doesnt mean I cant covet it. Its from North Face too, so its like the best of its kind. Even if it is the only geodesic tent out there. I want an orange geodesic tent. But I dont need one :)

Was also checking out diving gear. All these watches are water proof to 330 feet but only water resistant to salt water. Is there really good diving to be found in fresh water lakes? I just cant picture a fresh water reef. They would be good for spring/cave diving but that is a whole other much more dangerous type of sport.

I want to dive Cozumel and the great barrier reef before I die. Hmmm.... Another reason to live besides "I cant die, because I live by myself and if I were to kill myself, 3 cats and one dog would die." Dont believe in god, but if I did let my babies die out of my own fucked up selfishness I think I would really deserve to go to hell. Yeah, and heaven would be way boring. I would know NO ONE THERE!