Thursday, January 03, 2008

I am not giving up here. Its just my new mantra is "Life is great, as long as I dont think about it" and coming here makes me think about it, and just really fucking sucks.

I just came back from a dog walk, though i hate leaving the safety of my walls, the walks always make me feel better. Why cant i just focus on that??

Well last night was like 40 w/ like 20-30 mph winds. I forgot my hat. My ears froze. It sucked. For the next walk I found some ear muffs and my hat. I was thinking about writing here. Describing the wind as something so strong you had to hold on to your hat when my hat actually flew off and i had to run full speed to catch it LOL. So maybe this will be just blurbs. Little tiny thoughts from now on out w/ pics and the occasional long post that make no sense. I used to feel silly putting down a 5 sentence or less but if thats all it is, then thats all it is. I think it might be cute to look back on my silly thoughts like a that a week or so later. Because I pretty much change my mind ALL the time.