Tuesday, August 22, 2006

yet another meme - but happy - makes me think abut things i love

This feels like its going to be hard but that's why I wanted to do it:

Freckle Face Girl tagged me with it because I asked.. I have always wanted to be tagged - so thanks sweet girl.

Start 10 sentences with the word, I LOVE...

1. I love...My husband I think... He is good to me and understanding. I think I have a mental block about it. But he is without a doubt my best friend and companion. He is also very forgiving. We have a lot more in common than we ever thought once I confessed my sins to him.

2. I love.... All my pets: in no particular order - ok lightest to darkest: Suzi (Whitey) is all white except for 2 grey spots next to each of her ears. She has one blue eye and one green (which reminds of doggie Misha w/ one brown and one blue.
Papo - the growler and the leaner. Not a large dog - some sort of rat terrier or something mix. Jackson - my light blue eyed grey and white husky (I have to admit he is my fav, probably b/c he is soo aloof.

3. I love...the beach - infinite shades of blue in the ocean and sky and the rhythmic waves relax me in a wonderful way

4. I love...Camping - getting away from it all on an island that becomes all ours right before sunset - the dogs can run free w/o fear

5. I love...All other sorts of traveling - have to do it more!

6. I love...my new body - sounds vain but it worked hard on south beach diet and exercised. I weigh at 32 what I used to weigh at 21.

7. I love...driving over the MacArthur Causeway and seeing the crystal blue water, the cruise ships on the right, and the mansions on the left. (copied from Freckle Face Girl b/c I love it too)

8. I love...taking the bus down to south beach and walking around. The best part is the late night bus - the people on there are fucked up. We almost decided to skip our stop once because we were laughing so hard.

9. I love...Richmond, Virginia - have soooo many fond memories. It also has such lovely parks and a great museum

10. I love...that I ran out of loves so here are some more - the mountains, sunsets, sunrises, my wonderful parents, cashmere, ebay, blogs, marijuana, a good wind that is not a hurricane, lightening storms. Tis all I can think of for now.

I am going to tag TranceJen with this one. I think she might need it a bit more than me

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