Sunday, August 27, 2006

(sheepish grin) feeling better

Ok. Sorry for letting you into the turmoil of my mind when the meds haven't kicked in yet. Leaving it there, because, though its not god, it is a part of me, and I gotta learn to love me.

i made that necklace.... If you want one - 6' long, Swarovski crystal, liquid silver, magnetic clasp, any color, multiple colors: for you - $100

not feeling so blue anymore

my world is better now. Just a temporary freakout. Still thinking about deleting that last post because I still i haven't read it(frankly, am quite scared to) and really don't know if it makes any sense. It just happened to be one of the few times that I let myself go (this time in public??) so I went with it. Really trying to look on the brighter side of things now.

And I need to drum it into my thick head that each new day is an opportunity for good. Not for feeling like poo-poo. Each new day is a new opportunity. I have to stop feeling guilty for wasting them and just get over this whole thing and start to grab those possibilities that tomorrow, or today - but lets just focus on tomorrow so the last picture fits in better, has to offer. One of the few sunrises I see, but as i go to bed later and later I do see more and more - have tons to choose from- it will be hard, but here goes.

I hope to look like this w/in an hour or two!

There are a whole series of these that my husband took while i was DEAD asleep. Maybe one day, if I lose all self respect, I will post them. They are damn funny, but I look like hell. I think it was because I was awake to take this.

It kills me how I can be so damn depressed w/ a view like that. But we all know, money cant buy you happiness, but lack of it can sure as hell keep it away in a bad situation.

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