Monday, October 11, 2004

A Poll

If Osama bin laden were captured November first (day before election), how would you react in the voting booth?

I would keep my vote for Bush (33%)
I would keep my vote for Kerry (30%)
Other (18%)
I wouldn't vote (12%)
I would vote for someone else (4%)
I would change my vote to Kerry (1%)
I would change my vote to Bush (1%)
Votes: 1262

A little poll from where I get my backgammon fix. Though I don't like the direction in which this poll is going it is nice to know that the next four years does not depend on a "what if". So amongst a small poll of online voters the evil squirrelly one is winning by 3%. Thankfully this poll is as unreliable as it gets.

"Voting for Kerry just might, fuck that - it will change the world."