Friday, October 15, 2004

Oh ye poetic spam

Any given bluish baby fidgeting.

Our stupid tv is angry.

Mine green clock is thinking.

Her daughters white white exam book falls the time that his slopy pensil fidgeting or maybe any given bluish magazine spit and still a small magazine run.
A shining sofa run.
Any bluish carpet is on fire.
Any white green tv calms-down.
A stupid mouse stares and perhaps his small slopy mobile phone sleeps at the place that a given odd shaped round-shaped glasses arrives.
Her little recycle bin is angry.
Their hairy glove smells.
The silver sport shoes arrives.
His shining boat stares.
Our children beautiful slopy computer adheres and a stupid hairy mouse run.
His brothers beautiful smart sony sleeps and mine bluish omprella walks.
His brothers soft white little carpet adheres.

This is one of the best weird things I have gotten to date. I changed its format to make it a bit more readable. Makes sense in an etheral sort of way. Who writes these things? This is too readable to be computer generated. What is the purpose of these thing? To get past spam guards? Maybe I am stupid but I just quite dont understand.

Just had to share this.

"Not voting for Bush will make me very happy."