Thursday, July 15, 2004

I'm on a roll today

Yeah Baby...

Fastest way to clean a REALLY messy desk?

Spill a pint of water all over it.

Poor calculator. Just when I was about to go home.

My desk is so messy I have developed a pretty bad ant problem this week.

At first I just saw one.
The next day I saw a few more.
Yesterday I found their trail (but not where it started).
Today they started crawling on me.
A lot.
This is what let me to investigate why the hell they decided to choose my desk as their new home. Hmm... might have something to do w/ the fact that I wont let the exterminator in my office. Anyway - I was looking for food (I saw 2 of them crawling up the wall w/ something that looked like food earlier) and moved my coffe mug - check - ant free, then I moved my water - nothing swimming in there. Then I started digging through the layers - you have no idea - I found 2002 shit in here (straight to the garbage can - if it hasnt been missed yet, it wont be now). While sifting, glass topples causing me to move much faster than i have in a while. I should have moved faster....

As I type on the only funtioning electrical thing on my desk at this moment, the ants dance around me, on papers, on me!, on the wall, on the moniter. I swear they mock me. I am starting to kinda hate them.

Why are they here??

I still havent found any food and they dont like my coffee or water.

I did find something good though - a free cruise to the Bahamas w/ 3 night hotel stay! I thought I lost that thing years ago.

I end on a happy note, wondering what interesting, most likely decrepit... um historic, hotel I will stay at. I say, the older the better - most everything in Miami is NEW.

cont.. 8/17/04
I dont know how or why, but the ants went away after I spilled that glass of water. Calculator never came back to life though, and I still havent figured out how to make new one act like old one. Woe is me. Or idiot is me.

"Saving one animal won't change the world, but it will change the world for that one animal."