Monday, January 29, 2007

free spirt or insane

It is supposedly Very Cold here in Miami and around 1:30 am I got all bundled up and walked the doggies before going to bed. I slept 1 - 2 hours last night and had to wake up at 8. I am not the bit tired, my brain wont stop, I am even in bed...trying...but not too hard cuz i guess i am up writing this. I stepped outside and it was nice. Crisp, chilly but much less windy than normal. While I was walking down Collins everything was perfectly still. Not a single car to be seen or heard. Due to lack of sleep (at least i think) it just became the most wonderful perfect moment. In anticipation of high wind the fountain had been turned off, including the waterfall feature - which is never turned off. The water is so still, so quiet, so pretty, so sparkly (I'm serious - i saw sparkles).
A man, jogs - really fast - right by us. In and out. Gone in a second and eerily quiet. I look back to make sure he is still jogging a few moments later and he is way down the street. A serious runner. Fast. 1:30 am, there was also a marathon in Miami today I just remembered.....
Then I head for the SW corner expecting the wind to come from there. Nothing. So calm, though the moon is pretty full, there are no clouds (the few there are beautiful little wispy things), and I can see plenty off stars. The dogs make their expected attempt at a roll that has been on the floor for a few days that seriously has the shape of a perfectly formed dog turd. All this with the jogger and the water sploshing around in my brain felt like the perfect moment. Everything seemed in sync; like in those VW commercials - and it stayed that way. I turn the SE corner still almost no wind, just some light breezes. Well, I didn't turn it, I passed and headed out to the beach. I remembered the running man, knew I wasn't at all tired, and decided to go for beach marathon. Such a wonderful night...with the cold, and the calm seas the sand felt like snow. It didn't crunch, it didn't puff like powder- but it really felt like snow. I decided to walk to the tallest (?) bldg on the beach - definitely the one with the largest light on its head. An honor previously belonging to my bldg. Its funny, though it has this giant lit up pyramid that you can see FOR MILES - its very flat here.... The bldg still needed to have the little red lights on all four corners. If the pilot cant see the biggest lit up triangle on the bldg but manages to avoid hitting it only because of those four little red lights there is seriously something wrong with him. The ocean was peppered with many more brightly lit boats than usual. With my blurry vision they all looked like floating candles. Then I saw one in the sky.... yeah I cant explain it. I only made it about 12 blocks; many blocks shy of my lofty goal, but i still had to come back. So I really walked around 25 blocks......When I came back, Papo, who I had to drag out to the beach for some reason, decides to bypass the door and keep walking. So we walked around the bldg again. Everything still in sync. That was the most wonderful acid trip walk w/o acid ever. It might my last long walk w/ Papo for a while. His daddy gets the keg of love tomorrow..... Brain is still up, but hands and eyes are not. Good Night.