Monday, July 02, 2007

glittery shiny rocks!

Keep in mind I am 5'1" with tiny hands and fingers... Not normally into flashy diamonds but I consider this a piece of art. I used to ask my mom for it nearly every day - it was my regular conversation opener - "hey mom, can I have your ring?". Her father was a jeweler so jewelry is abundant in my family. This is the "cheapest" of her three expensive rings and she only has 2 fingers... Over Xmas she thought she lost it - ended up in her sister's gift bag. She said that the whole time it was lost she kept thinking that she never had a chance to give it to me. So a few weeks later, without my asking, she gave it to me. I had to turn it down a few times because I never really expected to get it. It was just an inside joke to tell her how beautiful I thought it was. Of course I never wear it, unless I am with my mother.

I am finding and finishing my drafts - hence the plethora (comparatively speaking) of posts.