Saturday, November 11, 2006

the upside of insomnia

*you get to read A LOT
*lots of peace and quiet
*see many more sunrises than I usually do
*I get to hear the satisfying "thud" as the newspaper hits my front door
*I can once in a while get my paper before all the others on my floor so they don't think I am such a lazy....
* And now the best! Just after I had read today's paper, the sun started coming up so I decided to go sleep on the beach. Grabbed big sunglass (on second thought airline sleep shades would have been a much better choice), pillow, beach blanket and a few couch throws b/c I couldn't find a blanket that was not being used.

Only thing I forgot was my bathing suit for when I woke up....

Husband says he tried to wake me up around 7 and I told him something about going to hell or worse. But he still got me an umbrella so I wouldn't get to hot :) 80 here!

A much smarter move was coming down at noon w/ some garliky microwaved quesadillas. Once the garlic hit my nose I was like a jack-in-the-box popping out of bed. Nice breakfast, cold water...Aaaahhhhh...

Then went upstairs to change out of my sweats into a bikini, but I couldn't find the top, but hell, this is Miami Beach and even if I did have it, I wouldn't have worn it. The tops are only for pools and vacations.

If you can, try to get to a nude beach. Don't be self-conscious and enjoy the fresh air pass over your body. Chances are you haven't been out in your birthday suit very often. Give it a try. It rocks!

About 3 I called it a day and went back inside. I have a delicious new tan and a very well rested body. MUCH MORE COMFORTABLE THAN BALCONY CAMPING. Cant wait to do beach "camping" again. Sand is sooo comfortable. I want a sand bed. Wonder how heavy it would be? Just get a futon and fill it w/ sand - seems easy enough.

OOOHHH- also at the beach there was the cutest miniature daschund named Lila and she frequently came by to snuggle w/ me and share my pillow. Such a cute little black and brown dog w/ a sandy nose and pink rhinestone collar. Now the LOL part - her parents had Louis bitten towels upon which I sarcastically told my husband I want Coach towels for our anniversary. Coach is far superior to Louis bitten. (real me - have Coach purse and love it but only because it has lasted forever, wears great with everything, has a classic color, is really combo, and does not SCREAM I AM COACH) Turns out the dog has a Coach carrier for when it flies first class. Dog's mom actually got a letter from her doctor saying that she NEEDS to travel w/ her dog, so the dog flies free!

I must have looked like a homeless person when the beach guy arrived at work. By the time I got to the beach I was really tired so didn't walk as far as I thought from the bldg exit. Was almost in the center. Oops.

One more thing - saw the cutest aqua terry-cloth sundress at Tarchez, but in the children's section. Only 5'1" so I knew I could fit in it (for some reason hate trying on clothes at Target - probably b/c I go there mostly for home things) and I got busted. A girl around 7-9 was wearing the same dress. At least other people in this bldg deign to shop at Tarchez. So sick (aka jealous)of all the D&G, Ann Taylor, Burberry, Anthropologie - whatever is expensive - you name it - bags in everyones hand.

But I got more style in my pinkie toe than they got in their bank account!

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