Monday, October 24, 2005


Cant sleep. Bad weather keeps me excited plus the fact that I am trusting my life to glass panels, one of which once pretty much exploded on a clear sunny non-windy day. The developer of this bldg is from Brazil. He built a vaguely similar structure in Rio. 2 big towers that are exactly same. Really cool looking - Round. One teeny problem. One of them is uninhabitable. And b/c of all the bldgs nearby, undemolishable. So it will be there until a natural disaster takes it down.
Have given up on sleep. Now drinking red bull and noni. I find the noni gives me a healthy joint. Hmmm. Meant to write jolt. I have never had a Freudian slip typo before.
Lovely - storm is stronger than expected. I hear a little bit of wind howl and see madly swaying palm trees and street lights. The Miami/Aventura skyline is significantly darker and I am still seeing at least one green explosion per minute. I am pretty sure the green is a transformer blowing but I also see huge orange bursts every so often and don't really know what they are. Now it is either pouring or shitloads of people have no power b/c looking north is very dark. Its weird living high up. For some reason, even during a hurricane, the rain rarely hits the windows so you can only see it - not hear it. I also thought I saw lightning which I did not think happened during hurricanes - kinda like a blizzard I guess.
I told my parents I would stay away from the windows put I am pretty much pressed up against them most of the time. The green explosions and all the twinkling lights, combined w/ lack of sleep are fascinating. I just started the dishwasher and it is freaking me out by making noises that sound too close to wind.
The worst is supposed to hit between 8 and 11 and I want to see it! So I cant sleep b/c I am the worst waker up ever.
OOOHH - getting the 6 o'clock update: cat 2 & 3 winds are hitting Naples and the eye is just off shore. They say that if the eye passes over, b/c it is so huge it could take over an hour and this storm is moving about 15-20mph. One good thing - the largest storm surge is hitting the 10,000 islands which is uninhabited.
The green flashes keep coming, but my lights have stopped flickering and the view keeps losing more and more points of light. I have almost every light turned on at the moment. I rarely do this. Damn. Just heard a random noise. They kinda freak me out b/c this place is normally as quiet as a tomb. The kitties are acting stranger than normal. They are walking very close to the ground. So Want To Walk The Beach!!!! In daylight - i can wait. I think I ought to get a job w/ the weather channel. Send me into the worst storms. Make me one of those idiots I used to make fun of. I would love it! Lights just really flashed - no battery - posting! Chaio!