Monday, October 24, 2005

not quite sure

Just took a walk around the floor. Wind is really howling though the elevator shafts. Don't know if they are working. Normally the hallway is a crisp 40 degrees. Now it is humid and hotter than my apt. That and the fact that a door of an apartment that faces south is really rattling and I swear I hear rain inside makes me think that a window broke. The cats are also (were) crowded by the front doors. It is getting so loud. My windows are definitely shaking (only a little) and I hear really loud noises. I think the penthouse of the hotel next door lost an awning just now. Something loud flew by. That fine. Just keep flying by -NOT IN. GOT IT YOU "W" STORM (lack of sleep makes me forget what his name is but its fun to associate him with the other W dontcha think) I don't pray. I talk to the weather and the ocean. As if it normal. Yelling at the waves for keeping me out - damn they were tossing me out. Cant wait till sunrise!! Only 40 minutes to go!
With some light I can see that one of the penthouses in the hotel next door lost about 3 sliding glass doors. I think the hotel was built in the 60's and the penthouses were under renovation but I think this was the one they were working on b/c the lights have been on for about a month in it and still are on despite the hurricane going on inside. I went to check another floor to see if it rattled as much and ran into a security person. She said the 43 and 44 floors were shaking like crazy. The apt below the one in question had no shaking door and no rain sounds so I do believe we lost a window on our floor. As the bad weather is just starting to begin I wonder if that could pose a real danger? If the door blows open it will suck.
I cant believe it but there are actually twigs and leaves stuck to my windows. So long for my theory that debris wont make it 25 stories up. I still don't think heavy debris can do it in a cat 3; maybe a 5 though. So would not be here if it was a five. The building lost its ground flood lights but my apt is still brightly lit. For a last resort the stairs were completely silent w/o a hint of shaking.
Looking north I see nothing but a periwinkle cloud. What I originally thought to be one penthouse w/ broken window was really all four. It is so surreal watching the curtains whip around. The lights of 2 letters also went out on the hotel. Indian Creek Canal, normally resembling glass, now brings white water rapids to mind.
Sing to the Beatles: The wind, its getting louder every minute.
Now that I can see, its getting rather disturbing. Large debris is flying by. Its going to fast to see what it is but I am really hoping they are palm fronds and not something a bit less flexible, not that the right frond couldn't totally fuck things up - I just picture it stuck to the window until it dries up and fall back down from where it came. More red bull & noni.

Another walk around my floor led me to discover that the 3 doors on the other side of the bldg are also strongly shaking w/ rain sounds inside. The pressure in the hallway is high/low/different. When I close the door behind me w/ the deadbolt out so I don't get locked out the door normally slams into its proper place. Now it stays open about an inch.(8am)