Thursday, January 06, 2005

Check out the last blog link

Its a blog from someone who got affected by the tsunami and is quite informative and interesting. Sorry I haven't contacted you wonderful people who are trying to help with the pics. As soon as I get my shit together (don't hold your breath) I will be calling upon you. Again - thank you so very much for your offers of help. On the new job front, I begin realtor classes this Monday!!! Hopefully I will buy a non-tandem bike (currently the only one we have) and be able to get in shape as I ride to school. The bike ride to classes was always my favorite part of the day, unless of course, it rained. I did also hate that I started classes at 9am and ended them at 9 or 10pm so I had to have a change of clothes at all times during the winter because you never know when it will turn fucking cold of god-damn hot. I needed gloves, scarf and hat for the night ride back.

As I sit here in a tee-shirt and sandals in 80 degree weather I honestly can say that I still miss the seasons. What I wouldn't give for another fall, winter and spring. Luckily husband has promised that we can spend a few years in a cold climate once in a while.

Married life....How is it different I get asked a lot. We basically lived together from about um, day 2 after we met so until recently it wasn't that much different, but a while ago we got into a big fight - as usual over nothing important. He stormed out of the house. Normally I would have thought about breaking up w/ him, but not this time. I was so much less upset than I normally would have been - and it had nothing to do w/ the Xanex and pot :-) This time I KNEW that he would come home, and I KNEW that I wanted him to.

Happy New Year to Everyone! - ~cheers!~