Friday, January 07, 2005

Big Hairy Fuzzy Beasts

That's who I live with. Excluding the husband. A Siberian husky - Jackson, a rat terrierish dog - Papo, a rather large and quite fat Maine coon's cat - Cozmo -short for Cosmolon which is a YKK (check your zipper) brand of Velcro. I named him this because one of my favorite cats was/is Velcro, another Maine coon's cat. I got him when I was in high school. My parents were away and I went to the grocery store to buy some mixers. They were giving away the cutest little bundle of fur. He was the last one left. We already had like maybe 5 cats or something but I brought him home anyway. Told my parents that I found him in the Publix parking lot, which I really did - I just left out the part about him being in a box with a free kittens sign on it and that his human family was still there to protect him. Once we had him for about 5 years and when I was no longer living at home I eventually fessed up. They couldn't get mad because he was and still is the sweetest cat in the world. He tries to make friends with all animals, something cats arent really well known for. Back to kittenhood. When he was a baby he would stick his teeney little claws into your clothes and hang on for dear life. You had to peel him off every time. Hence the name Velcro. My dad said that we should name him Cosmolon because we sell that and other YKK stuff. That is how Cosmo got his name. I also have a large very furry, very white and pink cat named Suzie. She looks really tiny next to Cozmo though. And I also call him Cozmo Kramer and Cosmosis. Why the fuck am I saying this? Am I scared my memory will fail and I will have to refer here to find the pet names of my pets? Oh yes - I was checking my referral stats and some poor soul happened upon this page by looking for pictures of non-shedding dogs. Misha was a Siberian husky. NOTHING can shed more than her and Jackson, and Cozmo, and Suzie. The first two especially. I leave out Papo, because though he does shed, he has short hair so it is much less a giant pain in my ass. That's what started this whole overgrown paragraph. I thought it hilarious that someone would fall into here looking for things that don't shed when I am fucking surrounded by shedders!