Wednesday, May 03, 2006


I am in a punk band! Sure its just locals, and just some friends, but isnt that how they all start. I am (upon view) just a sweet little girl, but man, put a mike in my hand and that shit changes. It was the first time a live mike was in my hand. When one cant sing, one screams (least in my case). These guys have tried to blow an amp, but only my sexy, guttural, screams of death, dick, pussy, and distruction can blow it. I love impressing the guys. I can belt it out just like the devil herself, unfortunatly not like Ella. I love her music, but cant sing the shit out of it. Her voice is just so beautiful, soulful, and somewhat haunting. But, I, on the other hand HAVE GUTTURAL SCREAMS! Now, what could be better than that. If it sticks around long enough and we get some songs together, and some places to play (i got friends in the music scene :) )i can get a slew of new tatoos and new hair colors. It just seems like so much fun. I am also hoping to showcase some of my photos. Again, the juxtaposition of mad, angry, growling punk with lovely shots of intricate , delicate flowers. I guess the target audience wont be interested in both though. I am happier about this than anything else since i awoke in the hospital. Thinking what to wear on stage.... Go punk? or go innocent? I love Gwen Stefani's earlier look, when she was all girly. I can picture my self all prim and proper in Ann Taylor being punk, but at the same time in all black with ripped everything. I am thinking punk would be better b/c i hate heels and Ann Taylor goes best with heels, not that that has prevented me from wearing nothing but flip flops for about a year. My toes have actually spread out. I also have to wear heels sometimes around the house just to keep my legs and feet ready for those inevitable time that i must dress up. But i do love dressing up. When I go punk, its like i go back 6-10 years in time. Almost 32 and PUNK!!! HE-HE
Los CoƱos (figure out what it means yourself!)