Sunday, March 12, 2006

be careful what you wish for

For months I have been waiting for a good beach day. My summer tan had faded and I just needed to feel the sun beating down on my accompanied by the soothing crashing waves. The weekdays have been perfect. But every weekend, it either goes into the 70's and kicks up a cool wind, rains, or I have something to do. Not today. A nice breeze but the sun was stronger (there I days I layed out in a sweatsuit just to feel the sun - I really like it), by beach chair was right smack in front of the ocean. I had a National Geographic that I never opened. I went to sleep faster than I can ever recall. I turned in somewhat regular intervals. I stayed from 12 -3. I made a big mistake. Because all my previous efforts had almost been humorous I skipped the sunblock. I hate tan lines so I usually wear strapless tops when I have to. Now I know why I can never find them - they leave THE UGLIEST tan lines. And I am not tan. I am Indian red (though I think crayola went PC and stopped using that particular name for that color). I am in a wee bit amount of pain. I hope it doesn't get worse. I feel like an idiot - just some white cream and my chances for skin cancer wouldn't have just increased. I think real proof of a deep burn/tan is when the bows from your bikini bottom are part of your burn/tan line.