Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Expanding our Horizons

Last night my husband and I spent our first night in our new second home. It needs some work but it has the most amazing views. Its also a little hard to get to. But that makes it better. The view - that would be 360 bay, islands, and ocean. We got ourselves a cute ass little house boat. For under $3000! It even comes with free mooring at the closest marina to our home. We have to boat to the mooring but the houseboat even comes with a little dingy/sailboat w/ motor. Unfortunately, at this moment, the houseboat does not have a motor. But we should remedy that situation soon.
The mooring - its interesting. The previous (he-he previous!) owner tied some good rope (I hope) to an engine block and dropped it. That's our mooring. This morning the water was crystal clear. There were birds everywhere. We saw a few turtles. I cant even begin to describe just how wonderful it feels to have a little piece of ocean surface with a roof that we can call our own.
About two hours after we got home we were still rocking around like we were still on the boat. Why does that happen? It takes so long to get land legs back. Weird.
One of the best parts is that my wonderful husband has agreed to let the boat be white with purple trim. He even bought red, blue, and white paint to mix together to paint the bottom purple! Now we have to name it. I of course wanted Misha-Pooh but he didn't want a boat named after pooh. I could see his point and he conceded to let it have something to do with purple. This is where we brainstormed, and I will continue.

  • The Purple Nurple
  • Purple Waves
  • Deep Purple
  • Lavender Skies
  • Purple Peacock - Peacock Park is a park in the neighborhood and you can occasionally see peacocks in the neighborhood, but not in the park. Also Deliah's has these great peacock sheets that I love but untill now, had no use for.
  • Purple Turtle
  • Lavender Queen
  • Lavender Grove

Honestly, I wrote this This morning but lost it and I cant remember half of the names I came up with, but I sure as hell came up with some new stupid ones. In my book, while brainstorming, you leave NOTHING out. Well, she's a fixer-upper and in a month or two I hope to have some before and after pictures to show off.