Monday, September 07, 2009

my garden

Mushroom - day one; it is right next to the angel trumpet tree.

Mushroom day 2

View from front door looking right.

View looking left, the angel trumpet tree is just to the left of the big tree. The blue thing are windchimes that sound like church bells - i will eventually suspend them in the middle of the tree (it has a hollow spot). I love them windchimes. The stairs lead to a balcony overlooking the street and garden.

An orchid and plant (red congo i think) in a bed of blue glass


bougainvillea flowers

cute green lizard

bromiliad in the big tree that sheds all the leaves.

Angel Trumpet flowers

Angel Trumpet tree

My Blue Buddha next to a Bird of Paradise.

The Norse God of Wind doorknocker

LEAVES! They are the bane of my existence; they keep falling and falling and falling.

This fountain with a glass pebble base is my favorite feature. I love the sound of gently gurgling water.