Monday, May 11, 2009

sob, sob

Today I had my mattress delivered. It has a foam top and totally rocks. Cant wait to try it out. My old, but still rather new mattress got destroyed when the roof sprung a leak/downpour/i dont know - wasnt there.
So I get to the house in the morning to let in the waiting delivery guys (i gave them a big tip for waiting) and the first thing i see is water all over the dining room floor. That damn AC froze and leaked everywhere. I ruined my brand new never lived in bamboo floors. Ruined. Before I moved in - boo! The ceiling is also pretty ruined. The townhouse was almost done and now it needs so much more work. BOO! I am consequently pretty bummed out today. After reading and laughing and about Dooce's relatively tame bathroom remodel I thought i would share my much more damaging sob story.

Here is a picture I am taking to 16 x 20 and putting in my dining room. I love it and it makes me smile. Taken in El Junque, Puerto Rico.