Friday, March 07, 2008

it does make me feel better

"Thanks, i hope my misery makes u feel better."

Like really, really, big smile on my face, better.

Is that so horrible? Above written by the person who ditched me week before we were supposed to go to India. Also, he just told me the real reason (maybe the 3rd real reason) he changed his mind was b/c he did not find me attractive and needed to be attracted so fuck it - he said it better..

"when i saw some of the photos u sent i realised i wasn't attracted 2 u as i thought. call me shallow but i need 2 be attracted 2 someone 2 be with them."

Funny thing is, though he has a great body I wasnt that attracted to his photos, much more to his personality. And he had quite a time to review those pics, only to tell me ONE WEEK BEFORE not to bother to fly half way around the world to meet him. GRRRR!!!

Shaun Robinson is his name. I am so fucking mean for putting that there and stupid considering the pics he has of me... But it is such a generic name...

I dont feel the slightest bit of pain that he had to cancel a snorkeling trip b/c of a negative feedback. Instead of replying with his version of the truth, he is deleting his account. What a wittle baby. I only feel bad that about 1000 lovely pics wont be available for viewing. I kinda feel like posting the whole email thing here because I get really creative when I write a mean letter. Its hard to understand though, because the whole thing is sopping wet with sarcasm - forget that dripping shit - soaking i tell you!

The website in question is called travel buddy. Even though I had a severely sour experience I still think it is great. It is for people who love to travel and share stories. Hmm... he could close his account and open up a new one so I should save the negative feedback I wrote for him somewhere in case I need to re post it. I can be evil in small ways. Especially with words. But feel I gave a very fair portrayal of what happened. In fact, here it is. Tell me if you think it's too much and if I should delete it. You thousands of imaginary readers out there.

Have you met in real life? No
Did you meet through TravBuddy? Yes
Have you traveled together? No
Why are you leaving a negative vouch for going2asia2007?

"We had planned on meeting in India (I am from the USA - he from Australia.) I asked him many times if he was REALLY OK w/ me traveling w/ him and his friend. I got repeated yeses. When I finally bought the ticket he seemed ecstatic. This was going to be a trip where I planned nothing and was happy to just 'follow along' and enjoy. We discussed this trip by email and phone for months. A week before my departure date he sent me an email w/ various contradicting excuses as to why he did not want to meet me in India any longer.

I am only writing this to protect other people from making the same mistake I did. I knew I was taking a risk, but he seemed so happy that I was going to join him and all my friends said Kiwis were the best travelers ever. I was blown away by the email. He knew I had made no plans and India is too large to plan a trip in a week so I ended up canceling it. Oddly, I still think he is a 'good' person. His emails sounded like he felt bad...but I felt a thousand times worse i am sure :)

I so wanted to vouch for him, but in a completely different way. This happened in October so I have had plenty of time to 'get over it' and I have but again feel that other people should know that this is a real possibility when traveling with this person. Make plans to travel if you like, but always have a back up. I was way too trusting. Hmmm...33 years and that continues to be one of my biggest problems. Jaded and too trusting...How are those reconcilable?"

I even left out his name b/c it was not in his profile. I mean, how much nicer can I get? Jeez!