Thursday, November 15, 2007

about last post and comment

who ever you are, i loved your thoughtful insightful comment. I have a feeling you met on TravBuddy - are you one of my friends? Damn, I have been drinking too much though tonight is the first night since sunday that i have drank...i hate hangovers, and had one monday, that i dont even remember writing it. But i still stand by it. I believe I have written about survival of the fittest before. Something that you wrote, about everyone wearing helmets, made me realize that if everyone wore helmets, no matter what a good idea i think they are, we might just have a very boring society.

I refuse to wear a bicycle helmet because i love the feel of wind through my hair. I suppose this directly transfers to a motorcycle. The people that take chances are the ones who change the world - in my humble opinion. I can only imagine that a society of conformists would be like the middle ages. I get quite cynical. I have a few good friends that would never dream of riding w/o a helmet so thats how I feel. I have been on a moped many times w/o a helmet though - got a ticket for it once - in SPAIN. I think thats the right color for it.

I suppose mating w/ my ex-husband (a)because we were so much alike, (b) because we did not have a balance, (c) because we did not get along, would have been a disaster. I would have found my self a single mom, although w/ i am sure a supportive father. watching tv-jon stewart...lost train of thought... but someone just said that Gen. Patreus thinks Jon Stuart is a pussy. LOL over and over and over again... being drunk and talking(writing) to yourself is fun :)

I guess i felt compelled to write because i have always equated survival of the fittest (in which i I completely related to this)to being wearing helmets. But god, how damn boring would it be if nobody ever took risks. One could take my point and expand on it to say that we should eliminate swings, because they too, can be dangerous. That thought makes me damn nauseous.

Person who has been commenting, send me your email - would love to talk to a Canadian - or anybody - who loves dogs :)