Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Road Trip!

We decided yesterday, let's go, and go we did! Yesterday and today we are in St. Augustine. I love this city. Its like the Key West of the north but w/ a lot less drunks. We brought the doggies so most of the family is together. Even w/ the doggies we managed to get nice hotels. The one I am in now has french doors that open out to a balcony with rocking chairs and a view of the ocean, the oldest fort in America (cuz I am in the oldest European city in America) and a cute little cemetery that dates back to the yellow fever. We share this balcony w/ 2 other rooms but they are not booked so last night I had the door open and it was so nice and breezy. Oddly, the dogs don't wander out on the balcony with me here, though they always do in the apt. I don't understand that - maybe they don't feel safe b/c its wood and not glass? Maybe its too narrow? I totally thought the dogs would love having the run of the balcony, but guess not. Its rare to get nice and breezy 26 stories up - I usually get fun, yet brutal wind and you cant quite smell the sea in it. In this room at night you can. Today on to the fountain of youth. Damn, its like I am reclaiming my youth. I haven't been here in 10 years and the first time was an 8th grade field trip. After this we go to RICHMOND!!!! I haven't even called any of my friends there yet....

I cannot believe how excited I am show my husband everything that I love about the River City. I am giddy just to be almost out of Florida now. I love the north! Though I guess this really is a southern vacation, so I guess I love the south! Funny how I have to travel north to find it. The only building I know in Miami with wrap around porches is my parents. I always tell them it would make a great B&B. My mom even put out rocking chairs on the porch (which is easily twice as wide as the one here). I cant tell if this building is old, or just looks old. Maybe its just really renovated and rebuilt.... It sits right on the square of the old town here.

I love it here but cant wait to see RVA again!!! We are also looking at property values because I REALLY WANT TO LEAVE MIAMI. Not so many hurricanes up here, and all the houses are sooo pretty - its like Richmond with more tourists and the ocean. It even has a river (that might be what I call the "ocean" I see from my room. The trolleys pass by bout every 20 min and each time little Papo growls at them but they totally ignored a horse yesterday. My precious Misha used to always bark at them in Richmond.

Time to leave the room and eat!

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