Thursday, June 15, 2006

Friends (and somehow car crash got worked into this)

I am not the type of person that makes friends with people. Generally, it would be more appropriate to say that people befriend me.
I guess I am shy and more introverted than I used to be. Plus I live in a bldg with mostly rich people, and I am not one of them. When I was in school, before college, I guess I was a "rich" kid b/c I drove a Mercedes - not bought for me, it was given to our family as repayment for a loan - they tried to sell it but were real lazy about it. I drove it most of the time, and it was finally given to me on Xmas of my senior year. Santi gave me a car CD player but I did not have a car, that was when my parents had decided that I could have the Benz. It was a sweet car. From Europe, so in km and a 5 speed which Mercedes did not make in the USA, and it was a convertible! I had it until Jan. 17 2003 when (name removed b/c i was a complete and total dumbass to put it in - see what happens when you go on a rant) made a left hand turn into me one early morning but really a late nite for me. Luckily, I had 2 cops for witness and luckily, they never looked into my car where the band-aid (the metal kind) box filled with the previous camping trips' joints had exploded everywhere. They just told me to clean it out and get it ready for the tow truck.
Yeah, I know - how could there be any left after camping - try camping with your dorm and almost everyone is in the Greek system, and friend and I were not.(guess what - a tangent w/in a tangent - i got me some writing skillz)
Me and Nina (someone else who befriended me. i first thought she was annoying as hell but then she grew on my. Plus we really partied well together. We bonded while leaving a car stuck in traffic on Ocean Drive to pee behind a tree. I still call her a friend. So odd after my first impression of her. OH SHIT - BILL GATES IS LEAVING MICROSOFT IN(7/2008)SO HE CAN FOCUS ON CHARITY, AND POST OF CEO NOW - HE ROCKS!!!! Just heard that on the news. Nice. Nina - she is still a bit annoying, most of my friends cant stand her, but i still like her, though i did want to strangle her during my bachelorette party. Back to car accident -
Eeeccchh, that was a bad night. Started with like 5 people sitting on the couch getting high and holding a broomstick across us. Someone said "hey, this is like a Disney ride!" Someone else said "hey lets go - if we leave now we will get there about an hour BEFORE they open" - yeah, don't do drugs I know. And the kicker - 6 people in a big Volvo. Now this was early 93 - volvo's weren't big and certainly not bit enough to hold 6 comfortably for a 4-5 hour ride. So we drove about an hour, realized our stupidity, and turned back.
Then I left UM, drove to my boyfriends home (whom I had informed via answering machine just a few hours earlier that I was going to Disney....) and BAAM. Kinda felt it coming. I was in the left lane and there was a long and full turn lane for the left, thereby making oncoming traffic that wanted to make a left blind to their oncoming traffic (me). I noticed that a blind turn was coming up ahead but was still surprised by the bam into the driver side door. I wasn't wearing a seat belt and was heading towards a phone pole - thoughts - oh shit I am going to die- I turned the wheel away, though I don't think it did anything because I was in a skid but who knows because I ended up hitting a building, but only lightly because I shattered a high curb around it. Lady at Farm Stores (building hit) had the fucking nerve to yell at me for breaking the damn curb. I was like talk to that bitch over there.
I had locked my arms up so my body didn't hit anything, but couldn't push open a door for almost a week after. Mercedes' also have a really large (I don't know - lower dashboard?) below the steering wheel. I cracked it in half with my knees and ripped my jeans. Still have bad knees.... When I stopped moving, I remember the stereo, which had been skipping, started up again with Toad the Wet Sprocket. Never felt the same way about them again.
I just kept thinking - want to kill the bitch! The door handle didn't work, so I had to use both legs to kick the door open. When I got out my light was red, and I had a small second of holy shit did "I" run the light? Instantly a young man told me that he saw the whole thing and it was totally not my fault. I so wanted to kill the lady that hit me, or at least bitch her out, but by the time I got out of the car there were already 2 police cars on the scene. Quite confusing - this was way before everyone had a cell phone. Those were the two that had witnessed the accident - they were having coffee in a BK parking lot. I was talking to the cops while Sandra K. West was carted off in an ambulance - she hit her head - airbags were new then. The cops loved me, ripped jeans, nose ring, and grateful dead shirt and all. We were talking school and all sorts of shit. Then my parents showed up. Ahhh.... First words out of my mother's mouth "don't have kids, they're not worth it". Lovely. Didn't talk to her for about a month. It was all, hi mother, is dad home? OK, I'll call back then. Bye. Click.

Whew - incredibly long tangent over - back to friends. Ok - left off thinking about rich people.
Though many consider me one, those that don't really know me, I don't think I like rich people. Not all, but some. They have attitude, airs, all designer, and are all plastic - oh yeah - really ugly designer shit. So I don't talk much to people in my building. When I go to the beach I take a book or depending on the sun my laptop (yay! for beach wifi) and am usually topless. Result - people notice me, but never talk to me which suits me just fine. But every so often I realize that I should make friends with people who live here - it would just be so convenient. I meet people on elevators that seems cool but we spend like minute together.
Today after pilates, an older French woman befriended me. I heard her talking about how she used to be a professional skier and just wanted to let her know how awesome I thought that was. Well, she is older, but her body is rocking, she has had a face lift, botox and something horrible done to her lips. So she is like a young older woman. She is also French, like husband, so something else in common. We started talking about accuptuncture and bad knees (she wants to recommend me to the best knee surgeon in USA who is NYC - out of price range - I think so. Then she started inviting me places. NICE places. Like one of the most exclusive spas in Miami - I could come as her guest. Then the kicker - she invited me to a party at the old Versace mansion. I was like, she is so out of my league. I have no money. I have nothing in common with rich people. I don't think I like them. I don't think they know what the other 99.9% of the world (well I guess America) lives like. Well, I guess we both share a love of Mercedes', but I doubt I would ever buy one unless I had tons of money -at least 10 times what the car is. Strange, the highly accented and plastic older woman (I think older than my mom unless too much work can actually make you look older simply b/c you look scary) was Kinda interesting and she seemed really interested in getting to know me.
But as I am writing this, I realize why not. Bucking take the chance. My birthday is in a few days so I owe myself a new dress anyway. Hmmm - thinking Loehman's tomorrow. Then maybe tomorrow night I just might be schmoozing with the rich and fabulous. I mean in almost a year, this is the first female to make a serious opportunity to befriend me. She even made sure we exchanged numbers and apts. So I guess the ball is in my court now. I gotta call her. God I suck at calling people. Never used to be scared of unfamiliar things - don't like this about me now. Have to leave my comfort zone. I am still just an anxious, moody, depressed, ball of nerves and that needs to change so badly. On the outside, I probably look better than I ever have before and transversely on the inside, I KNOW I have never felt worse. I guess about a year ago - wow that long - I felt worse. But I definitely have not progressed as I should have. I just bought a few memoirs by people who also tried to commit suicide. I hope I glean inspiration or just a giant kick in the ass from them.