Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Finally put my $ where my mouth is

First things first. The ladies over at Go Fug Yourself have got to see this.

Now the real post. For years I have been considering myself an environmentalist. I care about our world and honestly feel that it is losing its natural balance and is in serious jeopardy. I had always said that the first car I am going to buy is going to by a Hybrid, and it was!!! I, spoiled that I am, finally got to BUY my first new car. Not to knock hand me down cars or anything, but buying your first new car is a great experience. Especially when you are in a strange city and you ask it where the Thai food is, AND IT TELLS YOU!!! I love my car. It can find food. What else do you really need other than a car that does 60 MPG city and can find most any type of food w/in a 10 mile (or more) radius of where you are. Also a hatchback. Much better for camping. Pictures coming soon. Oh yeah, it's a Toyota Prius, silver, fully loaded. I can never get lost again!!!! Though I am sure I can still figure out a way to thwart the system.